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16-05-05, 01:17
OK OK... it has happened once again...I've fallen hard for this guy. lah blah blah...I don't want to bore you guys with the details. I just need a little help. How can I tell if he's got a girl-friend? We only hang out one on one and he never mentions other girls...but sometimes a girl answers his cell...hmmm...makes me wonder.

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16-05-05, 01:27
Hmmm maybe he's gay. Do you think? :confused:

16-05-05, 01:30
haha...i considered it but i sorta doubt it.

16-05-05, 01:37
Sorta? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif If he's talking to a girl on his phone, ask if it was his girlfriend. Hehe I'm not sure.

16-05-05, 02:18
You could ask him??? Unless you don't want to be that forward... but why not?

BTW Why is this only a girls' question? you think guys could have some valuable input on this, afterall, it is about a guy!

16-05-05, 03:27
Yeah, I'd pretty much just ask him.

16-05-05, 03:34
Here's my "valuable" input ;) :

If he can casually look you in the eye for more than a few seconds, then he doesn't like you. If he never stares at you or averts his eyes when he talks to you, then he probably likes you. If he's a good friend just casually ask him about the call.

16-05-05, 03:39
Well, sorry to butt in, but from a guy's point of view - ask him. Does he even know how you feel? Not all guys are 'tuned in' to a girls feelings. This girl on the phone - could be sister, mother aunty,boss? Find out!

16-05-05, 03:42
What do you mean 'answers his cell'. Does he call other people when he's in conversation with you? http://joseph.tombraiderforums.com/Images/thumbdown.gif
Do other people call him, and it's a woman's voice? Keep eye contact with him and ask "was that your girlfriend?" He will HAVE to answer in any case. No way around. And he'll interprete it right.

16-05-05, 05:18
Oh by the statement 'a girl's question' I just meant that it was a question from me (a girl) haha. Sorry guys. I LOVE your opinions. Now to answer...ok he seems to look right at ME (before) like that sort of stare until i look away frist. but now he is jsut super friendly. like a cute puppy dog haha. Oh and it is when i call his cell, a girl answers. I gotta find out if he likes me this week man. And I can't ask him straight out...it would be too weird. We work together haha.

What do i do???

16-05-05, 05:36
When it rings and you answer, ask who it is and what it's about. You are only taking a message aren't you (wink wink). And you wouldn't want to get the message wrong. Therefore you need all the facts. Get a return number. Check it out later.

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16-05-05, 08:01
Originally posted by DREWY:
Not all guys are 'tuned in' to a girls feelings. I totally agree with you there, being a guy myself, i never know if a girl likes me or not, i just think they are being friendly lol.

16-05-05, 10:24
god knows why girls always seem to treat us guys as if we've got a clue.

seriously.. we don't.

not even a inkling.

pretty much if you want ANYTHING from a guy, you need to be as blunt as a fender. can't say it's hard knowing if someones going out with someone else.

after all you can slip it in the conversation without them ever realising it. especially guys.
i mean just talk about how ****py life is atm, you can seemlessly move on to the topic of who they're currently seeing.

:: shrugs :: if you loose someone in a conversation you can usually get them to answer anything.

failing that, being touchy feely (not in a perverted way) will get you the answer you want.. guys in general are only playful with girls they like. Either on a best friend (family) or cute level. If you don't like someone generally you try to back away or look very uncomfortable like your going to bolt. heh

16-05-05, 12:27
Originally posted by Raven_:
god knows why girls always seem to treat us guys as if we've got a clue.

seriously.. we don't.
Very True

16-05-05, 17:07
Originally posted by Nephili:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Raven_:
god knows why girls always seem to treat us guys as if we've got a clue.

seriously.. we don't.
Very True </font>[/QUOTE]Exactly.

16-05-05, 21:48
Originally posted by Anubis_AF:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Nephili:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Raven_:
god knows why girls always seem to treat us guys as if we've got a clue.

seriously.. we don't.
Very True </font>[/QUOTE]Exactly. </font>[/QUOTE]definetly

16-05-05, 22:00
Haha! you guys! 3 in a row!

I think you should ask him rogue_eclipse! Just ask him wether he's got a gf, but..perhaps laugh whilst you ask? Then he'll think you're being lighthearted and just asking in a friendly way. Not that you actually care. ( butyou do...but shh) and he should give you an answer. If he asks why you ask, saying ' just curious' is always great. :D

Or you could ask ' whos the girl that answers your phone?'

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16-05-05, 23:24
Or you could say something like, "Oh is it your mum that answeres the phone" http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif A bit stupid but hey! lol.

17-05-05, 18:08
LOL Ok thanks everyone haha. Guys: You really can't tell if a girl likes you??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif Hmm... Wow Stange. I liked your suggestion "K", it is awesome. He would think I like him though haha. I wish there would be like little clues that guys universally give that would tell us girls. Maybe we are the clueless ones. How could a guy who seems to be so caring and friendly to everyone give me a straight out clue...man, that is all I ask.

17-05-05, 18:13
oops...my mistake. i didn't know i made this icon ( http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif )in my last post

17-05-05, 23:03
Guys: You really can't tell if a girl likes you???my last girl, we had been friends for almost a decade.. i was totally clueless that she liked me until she stuck her tounge down my throat.

so to answer your question.. yup.

iirc the first words out of my mouth after she did it was, 'i didn't think you liked me like that' heh

17-05-05, 23:05
She "liked" you for a decade? :eek:

17-05-05, 23:51
I had to be told by my friends that my girl liked me.

18-05-05, 01:05
heh yeah.. though to be fair, I was in a pretty long-term from before I met her; which lasted quite a while after too.

then I was out of the country so our contact was limited but still we talked just about everyday; then when I came back I was with someone.

so the girl who'd liked me for a decade like made her move just after I'd been dumped.

that was certainly a new experience mind you.. never had a girl dump me before, it was different to what I'd thought. Most people talk about how upsetting it was, but I felt a little more bemused by the whole thing.

that said, that girl had liked me too since we'd met. don't remember said much to her, but wasted like an entire weekend, thinking nothing of it.. kinda kick youself when things like that happen.

where your around someone for so long then realise you could've been together; then it's over, that said dunno how it happened but somehow we agreed to see each other casually.

when things got too serious though she just bolted like a rabbit.

girls are weird creatures :D

18-05-05, 03:45
Raven, awesome experience. Now I worry that I may be too obvious as a girl that I like a certain guy. But then again, all the actions this guy does has given me no idea that he doesn't like me either. Will time tell? Hmmm....I almost made a cheesy move last time at work. In the back room I put on some lip gloss and when I came out he said he couldn't find his lip balm and so I had my opportunity! Haha. I could have kissed him right there and said something dumb like 'how's the gloss? i have racy raspberrie too' http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif sheeesh...if only i know he liked me a TAD BIT.

Oh Raven to what you said "Most people talk about how upsetting it was, but I felt a little more bemused by the whole thing" on breaking up. Ya so true!

Rogue ;)

Smith will Suffice
18-05-05, 04:27
girls.... tsk tsk tsk

if somethings going to happen, just let it flow naturally.

chill out and let things happen as they will.

nothing is ever certain.