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Smith will Suffice
16-05-05, 05:26
hey guys:

this amused me.

it doesnt surprise me either, microsoft are greedy, chauvinistic and pathetic.

check it out here:

HALO 3 TO PARRY PS3 LAUNCH (http://www.gamespot.com/news/2005/05/15/news_6124592.html)

i seriously hope sony will screw them over big time.


16-05-05, 07:29
This isn't anything new. If the rumors are true, Nintendo will release the new Zelda game sometime near the xbox 360 launch to try to deter the sales of the console in hopes that people would buy the very, very affordable gamecube instead. I don't see this as being a dirty move, and I don't think it would have a lot of impact. People who plan on buying the PS3 will already have 300 USD + in hand, I doubt a $50 (supposedly) game will prevent them from buying Sony's new console.

Edit: Unless of course, M$'s plan is for people to buy the xbox 360 because of Halo, then it might hurt Sony. But whatever, Sony has so many fanboys it's ridiculous.

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16-05-05, 10:46
Nitendo's Fall line-up was announced over 6months ago before Microsoft announced thier X-Box 360 release in November.

I doubt either side has done it to hurt the others sales.. more just a coincidence because of both of them wanting to be on the market for Christmas.

Halo 3 can't stop the popularity of the Playstation. Both consoles have so many die-hard fans.. and for what reason? None. Neither console has had any inventive games, they've all been the same old tried franchises with updated graphics.

You know what disheartens me is that Nintendo is no longer even considered as part of the Console market. They're changing thier market stance to compete seriously against the other consoles, honestly I don't care how popular they are provided they remain true to the Big-N philosophy.

Games like Resident Evil, Zelda, Pikmin, Billy Hatcher, Super Monkey Ball.. they're games that you just don't see on other consoles, because there's just no imagination. Sony and Microsoft developers are bidding to expand gamers horizons, just sell more copies of a carbon copy of a popular genre.

In my eyes the only true winner of the last console generation was Nintendo.
As only Nintendo and Dreamcast were true consoles..

Was having an argument about this the other day, and someone was like.. 'The Gamecube failed because it had no Internet or DVD support'

:( what the hell does it matter if you can browse the internet or play a movie from your console. I bought my games consoles TO PLAY GAMES, not replace my desktop PC or Multi-Media Center.

I'm really begining to hate this whole psuedo-cool fanboyism that follows the X-Box and Playstation.

I just don't understand when PS2 Fanboys declare they have the best games (which isn't true), and X-Box fanboys declare they have the most powerful console (which isn't true). :(

16-05-05, 11:35
It's basic marketing, everyone plays dirty.
I despise the Xbox, it's a PC stuck in an ugly black box, and seriously, who needs another hopeless Halo game?

16-05-05, 16:35
I agree with you Raven. I love my GameCube. And Super Monkey Ball is so addictive.

I wish Sony and Microsoft would make a console that just played games. I also have a PS2 and XBox and not once ever used the other features, such as DVD player and internet connection.