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tlr online
05-02-04, 23:32
If you donít tell the world your email, home address and telephone number you could face a seven-year jail sentence and a $150,000 fine under new legislation that the US Congress is trying to push past today.

Senator Lamar Smith of Texas - chairman of the Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee - yesterday produced from nowhere extensions to the 1946 Trademark Act that would make giving false contact information for a domain name a civil and criminal offence.

This is outrageous!!! Does this total idiot, absolute, consummate, categorical IDIOT realise the security implications from individuals providing their home address when registering domain names!

Goodness me. People in power continue to astound me!

05-02-04, 23:35

I could accept giving the e-mail, and possibly the number for my cell, but home address??? Who does he think he is??? :eek:

05-02-04, 23:37
That is really absurd, does that mean people can track you from the net? Is that really necessary?

05-02-04, 23:39
Originally posted by justin:
That is really absurd, does that mean people can track you from the net? Is that really necessary?I hope not!!!!

05-02-04, 23:41
I think it's a bad idea, but who knows what his reasons behind it are. Maybe it's confidential, like giving your credit card number on the internet.

tlr online
05-02-04, 23:42
WHOIS is a public database. The UK are the only ones who can block your address from being published on WHOIS at your request. And kudos to Nominet (UK registrar) for having the common sense to implement such procedures!!!

05-02-04, 23:45
Lol, ok, I have no idea what WHOIS anyway, not good at the computer lingo.

05-02-04, 23:56
It's a relief for me the fact I don't live at the US!!! (I hope this law doesn't get here)

06-02-04, 04:54
Doesn't matter. As it is right now, if you know someone's first and last name, you can look up all of their information in just a normal search. My parents found that found a few years ago when the son of one of the teacher's my mom works with was online and just typed in my mom's name while she was over there. He found our address, phone-number....the whole nine yards. We didn't even have the internet then! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif