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06-02-04, 00:00
During the summer of 2003, huge forest fires raged throughout Portugal, consuming more than 162,000 hectares of land and at least 14 lives. The fires produced huge clouds of smoke that spread up into Europe and out over the Atlantic, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. The fires have long since burned or been put out, but evidence of their existence remains, in the form of burn scars.

Burn scars take one to two growing seasons to fade; the larger and more intense the scar, the longer it takes to fade. In these true- and false-color Aqua MODIS images from January 10, 2004, the scars are a dark brown-red against the green landscape, and are almost invisible against the dark-green vegetation in the true-color image. In the false-color image (roll over the true-color image with your mouse), the scars are much more noticeable. This image shows the fires when they were still active.


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06-02-04, 11:32
Clime turbulences like drought and desert-formation will get worse.

If you have a little time to spare think of supporting environment support groups.