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Nintendo's next-gen console is two to three times as powerful as the GameCube, backward compatible, and online; system confirmed for 2006, prices not; DS goes online and Game Boy Micro announced.

LOS ANGELES--Nintendo held its pre-E3 press conference this morning and confirmed speculation that it would announce its contribution to next-generation gaming. Plans for its future console, the Revolution, were revealed at an auditorium off Hollywood Boulevard.

Nintendo is the last of the "Big Three" game-console makers to reveal its next-gen plans. Microsoft took the lid off its future console, the Xbox 360, last week, and Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 yesterday at its pre-E3 conference.

To cheers from the crowd, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata proudly held a "Revolution prototype" aloft in his hand--but did not hook it up to any displays or turn it on. The Revolution design didn't follow suit with its curvaceous competitors, the concave Xbox 360 and the convex PlayStation 3.

In fact, its simple rectangular design could easily be mistaken for a modem at first glance. However, like its competitors, the unit can stand vertically or lie supine. The black console (other optional colors are in the works) can fit snugly in a gray stand, where it is pitched upward at a slight angle for vertical positioning, or it can be removed and laid flat (looking eerily similar to Apple's Powerbook batteries).

Revolution's enigmatic controllers were not revealed, but they will be wireless. Rumors have been flying that the controllers will be unlike any before, possibly losing buttons in favor of touch screens or incorporating some sort of gyroscopic functions.
Nintendo @ E3 2005

Nintendo reveals a Revolution prototype alongside the new Zelda and Game Boy Micro

By Nintendo's own admission, according to a report from USA Today, the system is two to three times as powerful as its current-generation console, the GameCube. Sony's PlayStation 3, announced yesterday, is reportedly dozens of times more powerful than its predecessor, the PlayStation 2.

However, Nintendo told the newspaper, "It's not all about having 'turbo power.' It's about what you do with it." What will it have to work with? Iwata did not reveal many of the game console's specifications, but he did mention that the Revolution will have 512MB of onboard flash memory and will be expandable with two SD memory card slots.

Eschewing the company's previous business ideas, the Revolution will be online-friendly and will support a broadband gaming service similar to that of Microsoft's Xbox Live. Its most significant contribution to online gaming will be the ability to download Nintendo's entire catalog of NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 console games. As for GameCube titles, they have the potential to be downloadable, though it's not clear whether the games will be saved to storage devices or memory cards.

For those who would rather just pop in their hard copy of Mario Sunshine, Nintendo offers a simple solution: backward compatibility. As indicated before, the Revolution, like the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, will be able to play all the games from the current-generation GameCube, as well as DVDs through its blue-LED-illuminated front-loading media drive, though the unit will require "an internal attachment" to play movies.

Nintendo announced that it has "big plans" for the Metroid franchise on the Revolution and that Mario and Zelda games are already in the works. Iwata also stated that Square Enix is working on a Wi-Fi version of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

Reggie Fils-Aime, chief marketing officer of Nintendo, also officially announced that the Nintendo DS will go online, offering connection through Internet hot spots. Nintendo will not charge for the service, nor will it ask for a fee for online first-party games.

The premier online game for the DS will be a new Tony Hawk title from Activision. Nintendo did not reveal the full name of the game, nor did it announce a release date. However, Nintendo did say that an online version of Mario Kart for the DS would be playable on the E3 show floor.

Nintendo also revealed a new edition of its Game Boy Advance handheld. The Game Boy Micro shrinks the already diminutive GBA down further and still retains the functions of the GBA SP. The unit is slightly larger than an iPod mini at 4 inches wide, 2 inches tall, and .7 inches deep, and it can fit easily into a gamer's back pocket--"even tight jeans," as Fils-Aime put it. "It's a hip new way to show off your portable passion."

The unit, which weighs a mere 2.8 ounces, will play all Game Boy Advance games and will have customizable faceplates. However, there are no new multimedia functions to speak of--yet. Speaking to GameSpot, Nintendo vice president of marketing and communications George Harrison said Nintendo was considering releasing a version of the Play-Yan video and music GBA player in the US when the Micro is released this fall.

By Tim Surette -- GameSpot

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so no one here cares about nintendo... hmmm... i see...

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I do actually but I was busy flipping through the Tomb Raider Legend forum. I'm wondering about the Revolution because Nintendo has been very quiet about it...haven't really released anything as far as system specs go.

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Aw I care http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Did you guys hear about the crazy conspiracy theory? We'll see tomorrow.

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I always wanted to get a gamecube, just for the Reisdent Evil games that werent out on Playstation.

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It looks nice. But like someone else said, who really cares about Nintendo anymore? They will continue to have their hardcore loyal fans, but will always end up 3rd in the console wars.

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Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
It looks nice. But like someone else said, who really cares about Nintendo anymore? They will continue to have their hardcore loyal fans, but will always end up 3rd in the console wars. hehehe. I bought the nintendo n64 console specifically for The Legend of Zelda & Mario Kart, I'll probably do it again with the next Zelda.

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Looks elegant :cool:

Thanks EveningStar ;)

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Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
It looks nice. But like someone else said, who really cares about Nintendo anymore? They will continue to have their hardcore loyal fans, but will always end up 3rd in the console wars. Depends on how you look at the situation.
From my point of view, Nintendo are selling neither the NDS or NGC at a loss.

What makes me laugh is the PS2 had no HDTV, XB had limited HDTV (game dependant), GC has HDTV on EVERY GAME.

What's one of the big selling points this generation. HDTV, something Nintendo added last generation INSTEAD of a pointless feature like DVD/Audio Playback.

Nintendo, have continued to evolve games. Even revived old game genre for the GameCube.. as well as reinventing thier own franchises.

Thier game library covers every genre and style of game providing a good selection of awesome games for every taste.

The GameCube is only considered '3rd' place by those who don't own/use one.. The number of people that this is true for is dropping rapidly.

Console didn't cost your first born just to buy, it's library of games don't involve you ripping peoples limbs off and loading them in to weapons to splatter everywhere just for entertainment. The games themselves don't cost ridiculous amounts just to purchase.

Sorry, but anyone who think somehow that the GameCube is 3rd rate needs to wake the hell up and stop listening to Sony and Microsoft propagander.

The GameCube is capable of gorgeous graphics with no visible slow-down. Someone has argued with me that Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory looks better on the X-Box than Resident Evil 4 does on the GameCube.. apart from this not being true, he'd obviously not played Chaos Theory on the GameCube which looks just as awesome as the PC version on Max Graphics.. in HDTV 1080i and no visible slow-downs!

Last generation Nintendo was the first to use IBMs PowerPC Processor as a base for thier GC CPU.. what everyone things it's just a mere coincidence that both Microsoft AND Sony have also changed to PowerPC based solutions?!

Wake up and smell the java!
Nintendo did last generation what they'll do this generation, and every other generation. They're going to set the benchmark of what a gaming system should be doing.

While the rest of the market constantly fights over sales.. Nintendo WILL ALWAYS have a market. Sorry, but Big-N IS the Console world.

The Nintendo DS clearly shows, that having the best technology != market success. What marks success is providing gamers with what they want.
Last generation consoles spread... due to the Multi-Media (DVD) capabilities of the console, and the wild promises made by Sony.

They expanded the gaming market by over 100%. So it isn't a wonder that thier PS2 captured around 60% of the market http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

If the last year has shown us anything though, it's that once the market died down and the 'DVD' revolution passed, both Nintendo and Microsoft have gained HUGE market shares, with BOTH consoles out-selling the PS2 in the last 12months. This doesn't change Sony's overal market stance much, but if you only took the last 12months in to account.. the market is saying that the Sony gold-train is slowing down.

The PS3 might have the awesome graphics, but in 12months time on the release of the console the PS3's ace-in-the-hole RSX will have a PC brother.

At which point the current Console generation will just once again be cheaper solutions. No doubt with these 'cinematic' graphics Sony will win a large market, but next generation there really won't be anywhere to go with realism.

We are effectively at Real-Time Movie Quality graphics; while there will be little tweaks, graphics are going to hit a brick-wall just like processor power did. (until some clever monkey thought up multi-cores)
Difference is, graphics won't really be improveable so... it'll need to rely on the games and developers.

Nintendo has no problem surviving another 5 years. After all thier R&D budget has been 1/8th Microsoft's and 1/12th Sonys'... Nintendo once again will be the ONLY manufacturer making money from the word go.

They turn over more profits given they publish every game for thier consoles. So they control the market price of everything.. providing cheaper solutions so that more people can enjoy it.

They're still the only company to combat the rife piracy in China through thier marketing strategies.

heh.. Nintendo aren't 3rd placers. They're the only ones who have time and time again kept thier promise of what they will deliver.

They promised the GameCube would be cheaper, and a games machine.

They promised the Nintendo DS would release on a given date and it did.

They're now promising us access to over 2million and loved game titles, plus a step forward into the Digital Social Generation of game playing.

After all this is why those of us fans of Nitendo prefer it. As you can get your mates round and beat thier asses in person.. now you'll be able to play against people online, in the same room, or even in the next house without any wires, fees, or fuss.

That for me, is a much better ideology. Nintendo produces fun.. in the end that IS what a games console is suppose to do.

Capt. Murphy
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Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
It looks nice. But like someone else said, who really cares about Nintendo anymore? They will continue to have their hardcore loyal fans, but will always end up 3rd in the console wars. O/T
And then there's the SEGA hardcore loyal fans (i.e. someone who posted this ;) ). :D

When I first seen this the first thing that came to my mind was "yeah... right." :-|

I know it's a cg (preliminary concept) and may be modified later. But I can just see this *alleged* gem of a console being all scratched up, tarnished, and enduring all other forms of desecration after a few months of Mario games by the wittle kiddies. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

I think that's another stigma attached to Nintendo. It's all "kids stuff". http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif No offense to any Nintendo fans.