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06-02-04, 18:03
Whet your appetite with Aqua PlayStation 2

Sony have announced today that they are to launch a limited edition Aqua PlayStation 2 console, which will be available across Europe from next month.

The limited edition units will retail at 139.99 - the same price as a standard machine - and will be accompanied by a range of official Aqua accessories including a Vertical Stand and 8mb Memory Card which will be launching at the same time.

From the packshot above it would look like an Aqua styled Horizontal stand might be included as part of the bundle, although it also shows the console standing in water, which doesn't seem the best place to put your machine!

Speaking about the announcement SCEE's David Reeves said "We introduced our Silver Prestige Line PlayStation 2 before Christmas. It proved to be so successful that it was a natural extension to include one other colour to complement the range, and this new Aqua PlayStation 2 seemed just right for Europe in the Spring time".

Online retailer Amazon.co.uk is already listing the Aqua PlayStation 2 on their website, but have an April 2nd release date which seems likely to change later today, along with an adjustment to the recommended price they are currently showing and will no doubt see their already discounted 129.99 price point drop further.

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06-02-04, 18:09
Nice http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

06-02-04, 18:16
That's a purty machine! I guess Americans aren't as funkalicious as Europeans, since we don't get the aqua machine :rolleyes:

No skin off my nose, tho, I whet my appetite for a new black PS2 just 3 months ago. ;)

06-02-04, 18:23
well i dont have a PS, but.... but this one sure looks yummy :D

06-02-04, 20:12
I have a PS and a PS2, I refise to buy another console.