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tombraider granny
19-05-05, 03:47
Well I hate to sound stupid here but I was reading and watching some things on the new ps3 and when they say things like AI, real time play and well lots of other things I dont have a clue what they are talking about. Can someone please explain what these things mean in just plain old English? Thanks so much

19-05-05, 09:12
I would guess by 'real time play' they mean if you play for 1 hour (for example), the time in the game's world passes by 1 hour also. So say a certain part of the game was dependent upon nightfall, and it was midday in the game, that nightfall would only come after say 8 or 9 hours (if it was summertime) gameplay.

And AI is Artificial Intelligence and generally refers to the 'intelligence' of other characters that you may interact with in a game, so that these characters can 'decide' whether to chase you, shoot you, talk to you, be happy, angry, give you something, take something away, whatever range of behaviours they are programmed with.

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19-05-05, 12:55
I guess Raven_ or some other game maker could explain real time better. but from what i understand, real time is that what they show is actual in game gameplay, and not a prerecordered video. a video isnt more hardware demanding if it looks better. its still 24fps (or whatever framerate they use), but in real time its actually rendered the same second as u see it. its like showing what u play, with all the shaders,textures,bumpmaps,polygones thats in the game. so it shows what the console can handle.
video shows what the developers are capable of doing. real time shows what the hardware is capable of doing.

tombraider granny
19-05-05, 14:41
Wow okay that makes it a bit clearer LOL - I think from what I was hearing about the PS3 that Nomedo might have the answer there. So if I understand it right Nomedo, when something say blows up - it is happening right then and there and do I understand it right that if two different people were playing the same game at the same moment it could look different (say you were blowing up a concrete wall). Thanks again.

19-05-05, 15:20
Real time...it means that whatever is happening in the scene is being animated, created, rendered and shown at the very moment it's happening, it's not pre-rendered, produced or created and then inserted via a FMV.

In the previous Tomb Raider games, cut scenes were if I'm not mistaken animated within the game itself. The longer higher definition FMVs were animated, created and then used in the game, but they weren't rendered using the game's engine.

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With the processing power of the newest consoles, with explosions, the geometry of the fire and cloud, lighting from the explosion, objects getting knocked over from the force of the explosion could technically be calculated and rendered as it was happening...again in theory.

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19-05-05, 16:18
As simple as possible: when you shoot with a rocketlauncher at a building and it explodes and falls apart, in real-time rendering all the effects involved are created at that moment from the angle where you stand. It is all calculated and built up from the information caused by your action. Would you redo the scene from a slightly different place (for instance two steps to the right) and than shoot the same building, you get a completely new rendered effect from the blast, which is realistically different. When you decide to shoot the roof, you damage that place consequently, and the walls will stay. But when you decide to shoot the walls, they will be blasted away and the roof will fall down.

Instead of pre-rendered, which is ONE effect that is created as a 'movie' and embedded in the game, that is triggered when you shoot the building. Of course, that is always the same. You shoot the building (wherever), and it always explodes 1 way.

In TR1 it is very clear to see, when you shoot the bats in the caves. The moment you hit one, the little 'movie' follows of a falling then landing as dead bat. Or the wolves, remember: always die more or less the same (a few variations).

19-05-05, 17:13
Real-Time (R/T) is this...

You watched the E3 Sony Press Release, where Square-Enix were showing of Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 and then the Final Fantasy VII PS3 footage right?

They looked almost identical in style and quality right?

Well the FFXII was a Pre-Rendered Trailer, that took Render Farms (special computer servers) around 40 minutes to render a single frame.
For just a single second (30 Frames) you would basically be waiting the better part of a day.

FFVII however was done in Real-Time Rendering (60 Frames Per Second), which means if you wanted you could make Squall run around in a circle or something.

Can't do that with a Pre-Rendered, it's always the same. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

tombraider granny
19-05-05, 20:36
Thanks so very much everyone - I think I now understand it.