View Full Version : Could be LARA MİSSGAME?

19-05-05, 09:03
I am a good game player just like you and ı met ın many games girls ın the main part :NO ONE LİVES FOREVER blond agent girl,ONİ japenesse KONOKO the fighter and so so but they never impressed me more than LARA.She is deferrent with her beauty,intelligence and body.Let's declare it MİSSGAME.

19-05-05, 20:56
Miss Game? ok!

20-05-05, 00:28
It depends on your definition really.
When you think about it, Lara has been around the longest and in-our-face for almost 7years..

Plus with 2 movies, it's very hard NOT to have her make more of a lasting impression.

In my perspective the computer girl character that sticks in my mind the most is Jade from Beyond Good and Evil.. because despite Lara's design Jade just has more character and depth.

you really feel for her when she's talking to Woof near the end of the game, and the whole game is less about Moral Right<->Wrong but more how people do what they must to survive.

You feel very close to her, alot closer than we were ever able to bring the user to Lara. The only way most people know Lara more personally is through the movies, but then Movie Lara and game Lara, aren't the same.

20-05-05, 04:59
Beyond Good and Evil? I have to by this to games.Thank you.