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tlr online
21-05-05, 00:01
Continuing their collaborative collections of previously "DF Exclusive" One-shots, Top Cow Productions and Dynamic Forces released all three covers from their June-shipping TOMB RAIDER/WITCHBLADE/MAGDALENA/VAMPIRELLA (MAY05 1596)


Forces. Now, they're available in this special issue! Gail Simone (Villains United, Birds of Prey, Action Comics) faces Witchblade, Magdalena and Vampirella off against a vampire, while Kevin McCarthy (The Escapist) takes Tomb Raider Lara Croft through Sphere of Influence! All Feature the interior art of Joyce Chin!

The covers are by Billy (X-23) Tan plus remastered covers by Joyce (Monster War) Chin and Art (Superman) Adams! Fans will be able to pick their favorite cover, while still enjoying both stories, with the Tan cover comprising 50% of the run and the re-mastered Chin and Adams covers splitting the remaining portion with 25% distribution each.


tlr online
21-05-05, 00:02
b/w does anyone buy/read the Tomb Raider comic books?

Smith will Suffice
21-05-05, 02:51
i used to, havent boughten any in quite some time though.

i prefer the games and films.

but the comics are well done, no question about that.


21-05-05, 19:39
I used to read them but after like 15 issues the quality went down, so I stopped buying them. But the first ones were really top-class http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

21-05-05, 20:43
I have always wanted to read some, or some of the Tomb Raider books, i have the movie books. I might look around eBay, see if i can get some comics.