View Full Version : Anyone watching FA Cup Final?

tlr online
21-05-05, 13:44

I'm going with Man United.

21-05-05, 13:54
Yeah, i'm with Utd too. (don't support them, but i will today)
I got a weird feeling that they'll win 2-1.

tlr online
21-05-05, 14:11
Blimey! Arsenal have started much better than Man. U. They seem to want it more atm.

21-05-05, 14:14
Originally posted by tlr online:
Blimey! Arsenal have started much better than Man. U. They seem to want it more atm. Yeah, all they need now is some aim! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tlr online
21-05-05, 15:08
Yeah. You know, I think Wayne Rooney could become the greatest footballer of all time. This kid is out of this world. Pure footie genius.

21-05-05, 15:31
looks like it could go to extra time, hope not.

Come on Utd!

tlr online
21-05-05, 16:45
Talk about getting mugged. BBC got it bang on. Man U. dominated that game, and Arsenal mugged them for the cup following penalties.

What a crock!!!!

21-05-05, 16:50

22-05-05, 00:38
Man Utd got mugged today, sure. But Arsenal got mugged when Rooney dived over Campbell's leg earlier in the season. Arsenal also got mugged the previous season when they played Utd off the pitch at Villa Park and lost 1-0.

Luck has evened itself out today. Arsenal deserved the victory.

Tough on Rooney and Ronaldo, though, who were both fantastic. By contrast, Van Nistelrooy looked the worse player on the pitch.

tlr online
22-05-05, 00:47
I don't agree Scott. We're not talking about a game during a season. We're talking about the FA Cup Final, more important than any regular season game.

22-05-05, 01:35
Well, no matter.

1)Man Utd were unlucky today (highly indisputable)
2)Arsenal are FA Cup winners 2005 (completely indisputable)

That's pretty much all there is to it.

I'm just glad Arsenal won it by riding their luck and not because the referee made some stupid Anders Frisk type gaff. I coped ok with the way England dominated yet lost to Germany in Euro 96, because at least that was a fair match. By contrast, I felt sick and angry after that ridiculous decision to dis-allow the goal that caused us to lose in Euro 04.

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tlr online
22-05-05, 14:02
Agreed on the first post. Man Utd should have netted four or five goals today. Your goalie won the cup for you, through his performance during the game, and during penalties.

Man Utd owned Arsenal during the game tho, and the least deserving team won. Penalties is always a lottery, and is a shocking way to decide the winner of an FA Cup Final.