View Full Version : Could someone help me reconstruct my TR database?

22-05-05, 08:20
This Friday my HDD was knocked down - and with it more than 1.5 gigabytes of TR materials of any kind. Some of them are normally impossible to get nowadays as the sites it was downloaded from are already nonextitent. Will someone be so kind as to help me find my lost treasure?

22-05-05, 08:25
Which files are you looking for? We can't just find you some random TR materials until you find something you like, you'll have to be more specific.

22-05-05, 08:42
TRAOD: Final style guide, AOD video trailers, tr3 sound ripping utilities, Core Design Screen Saver, TR3 level editor and files, TR: Lara Croft Regresa (a spanish game created in the mentioned editor), various TR skins (Winamp, MS Windows Media Player, BS Player), fan fiction stories, scans of almost every TR comic, fan made music files, old Windows themes (especially the one, where there's Lara standing in front of Scion piedestal from the fourth level of TR1 - City of Vilcabamba I think), Tomb Raider music videos. Those that I can recall here and now.