View Full Version : Birth defect twin dies after operation.

07-02-04, 20:26
http://www.ntlworld.com/partners/itn/images/conjoined_twin_sm.jpg A seven-week old Dominican girl born with one of the world's rarest birth defects has died.

Rebecca Martinez was born in mid-December at a hospital in the Dominican capital with the head of an undeveloped twin attached to the top of her skull, facing upward.

The infant was otherwise healthy but her brain could not develop normally unless the undeveloped head was removed.

She died hours after undergoing a delicate operation to remove the undeveloped second head, the clinic treating her said.

A spokeswoman at the CURE International Center for Orthopedic Specialties in Santo Domingo said that Rebeca had died, but gave no other details.

A team of international doctors had earlier said that they had successfully completed a day-long operation to remove the second head.

The surgery was led by Dr. Jorge Lazareff, director of pediatric neurosurgery at UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital, and Dominican surgeons Dr. Santiago Hazim and Dr. Benjamin Rivera. :(

07-02-04, 20:29
That is sad...makes you wonder...

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07-02-04, 20:55
So short a life. :(

07-02-04, 22:07
Poor little thing. I feel badly for the parents. :(

07-02-04, 22:12
It gutted me when I saw it :(
Having twins of my own it kind of gets to you :(
More sad news :rolleyes:
It never seems to be good news nowdays :(

08-02-04, 01:08
I heard about it on the news, that's so horrible....poor baby :( And just think about how the parents must feel :(

08-02-04, 01:25
I was kind of hopping that she could make it. That is so sad that she didn't. :(