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Smith will Suffice
25-05-05, 05:01
good news to all the penny pinchers out there:

the PS3 may not be as expensive as what we think:

"Last week, the Mainichi Daily News quoted Sony Computer Entertainment officials as saying the PlayStation 3 would be priced at under 50,000 yen ($465.58). Now it appears that the console may be even cheaper when it goes on sale next year.

Today, Japanese Web site Impress PC Watch reported that SCE has told its business partners that the PS3 will be under 40,000 yen ($370) at launch. The news has spurred speculation that the company might launch the machine with the same price it set for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Both machines were priced at 39,800 yen ($368) when they launched in 1994 and 2000, respectively.

Sony's PS3 will be competing with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution in the next-generation console wars. When it launched in Japan in 2002, Microsoft's current-generation Xbox was priced at 34,800 yen ($322). The company has been shaving down the console's cost since then, and it currently sells at 17,640 yen ($163)."

this is good news!

if it is true anyway...only time will tell


25-05-05, 05:08
even if the price is 500, I think I can make that money over the summer, by the way are you a member of playstation underground, they have a playstation 3 forum there http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation

27-05-05, 16:31
So whats that in GBP about 250 - 300, i must admit i expected atleast 500.

28-05-05, 04:43
That's still a lot of money... even in GBP? :confused:

28-05-05, 09:14
Nintendo and Microsoft plan on releasing systems that will cost 150-200, the Playstation 3 will only be marginally cheaper if the report is true.

If you recall the Playstation 2 actually debuted at $399, and when it came to the UK hit the stores at 299.

While this might be around the same price as the previous Playstation machines, this is still extremely expensive for simply a game console.


Given what Sony and Microsft claimed about thier multimedia platform nature. I do not believe that they will be providing anything more than empty promises once again.

What annoyed me about Sony was they tried to actually register the Playstation 2 as a Personal Computer. If it had succeeded it would've ment they would've been paying less tax and getting more profit.

Many people talk about "Micro$oft" only being about the money, but atleast thier designers are all real gamers. They care about thier end-users, and at a cost to themselves replace alot of faulty hardware over the last year.

Sony however found out that many Playstation 2 hardware was failing and released the Playstation 2 Slim Edition, telling thier customers to purchase thier new system in order to fix this growing issues.

I was one such customer they told this too, when the DVD Component failed. Even under warrenty they claimed that I would have to pay for postage both ways 20 as well as an extra 50 for the DVD Component that needed replacing.

This is on top of the fact that it costs 0.75/min to call thier support line, and they kept me on hold for almost 15 minutes.

While I will buy a Playstation 3, because there are some games that will only be for that system. I will wait atleast a year like I did with the Playstation 2, for the price to drop.

The X-Box 360 and Nintendo Revolution, I plan to pre-order each.