View Full Version : Fatal Frame 4D Attraction In Japan

Taker Fan
25-05-05, 11:58
For all those Fatal Frame fans out there, there is a attraction called Fatal Frame 4D. 15 people enter a room and have these kind of 3D glasses while they sit on seats. They show a movie of Mio and Mayu then the real movie starts. You will follow these twins in the village ( what's the name ). It's just like the oringal game but it's a 9 minute movie. And you know how Sae puts her hands out to attack you I think, well you will actually see her hands coming out of the screen! So if you want more information, go here. (http://www.cameraslens.com/zero4d.php)

25-05-05, 18:24
Wat fatal Frame 2?
Or here it is called Project Zero!!!