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25-05-05, 13:44
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[ May 25th 2005 ]

More details on the International Games Summit have today been announced by ELSPA. As event partners, BT and the Department for Education and Skills, confirm their commitment to the concept, ELSPA has confirmed another three top-level speakers.

Joining NCsoft's North American president Robert Garriott, Peter Moore, corporate vice president of worldwide publishing and marketing for Microsoft's Xbox and David Reeves, president, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will be Rory Armes, vice president and general manager of Electronic Arts European Studios, who will be dissecting the ingredients that go into making a worldwide hit. MCV publisher Stuart Dinsey will be chairing a discussion panel comprising some of the games industry's leading figures including David Yarnton, general manager of Nintendo UK and Ray Maguire, managing director of SCE UK.

As the value of games in education is becoming increasingly recognised, a key session will look at the use of video games as an interface for learning. Adrian Hall, team leader of multimedia resources at the DfES will be discussing the ways in which computer games can be used as an effective tool in the school curriculum, as well as future plans for development in this area. Ian Livingstone, creative director of Eidos and chairman of Skillset (Sector Skills Council for the Audio and Visual Industries) will be speaking about Skillset's work, which includes the development of an accreditation scheme for degree courses relevant to the computer and video games industry. The panel session to follow will look at the commercial and international opportunities arising from the talk.

The event promises to bring together individuals and organisations not only from the entire value chain of the computer and video games industry but also from more wide ranging entertainment sectors, getting directly to the heart of industry issues and to help business leaders from both within and without the industry - develop winning strategies to overcome the challenges.