View Full Version : lost library

04-02-02, 17:50
How do I get by the spinning blades? I climb the pole get hit by blades then die before reaching the surface! :mad: I've stopped between floors to pick up goodies, but still die trying to get to the top of the pole! HELP!!!!!!!!! :confused:

Raider Ranger
04-02-02, 18:39
I would suggest you top up your health every time you stop between floors to pick up the goodies.

04-02-02, 20:08
If it's any help at this stage, I find it useful to go back to the begining of the level and cross back to the catacombs breifly, then re-enter the library. This gives you full health. Although if you've saved here it may be too late...

12-02-02, 00:52
Hi everyone. I am so computer illiterate, so I hope that this goes through. I am also having trouble with the spinning blades in the lost library, but I cannot figure out how to jump off the pole and land on the floor between the blades. Every time I do, I just fall through the hole back to the bottom. Help!null