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omegacy 2000
26-05-05, 21:26


26-05-05, 21:39
Is this whats going around then? Jesus returns? I havnt heard anything of it. :confused: Or is it just a 'what if' ?

26-05-05, 23:22

27-05-05, 01:13
Thin ice, carefull!

omegacy 2000
27-05-05, 01:45
OMFG! Don't tell me you're offended by this.

....How the hell is this sick?

27-05-05, 01:48
I guess if you were a deeply religous person,they may find this topic a bit offensive.You must be very careful when it comes to religion.

27-05-05, 01:56
You and I might not be offended, but some may - who knows?

Capt. Murphy
27-05-05, 02:31
I heard this morning on the Radio about how that the Christian religion is most often moked and made fun of... That is because it's the truth. And (whether you believe in him or not) Satan hates the truth.

You don't see many things poking fun at Budhists(sp?) or Muslims, etc. But if you did you would probably hear an outcry about it.

I find it offensive. These people/person that made that site and anyone that is entertained by it... There's no real point in getting angry with them and telling them how and why they're wrong. That's like calling a retard 'Stupid'.

I can't tell anyone what to do, but if I was a Moderator I'd delete the link in that post and lock this topic.

Thank you. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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27-05-05, 02:36
Well this is material on the website of someone who enjoys sarcarm, and likes to kick at thin ice, and it is aimed to reach offended reactions. Everyone understands that the ice will break. Therefor, this will never serve as starting point for any serious respectfull discussion on the matter on any site.
So, topic closed.

[edit: Btw, i hate to censor. So that is why i left the link intact so everybody can simply see and check it is a 'sarcasm' site we're talking about. Use your own intelligence, people!]

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