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27-05-05, 01:37
Is it just me,or am i the only Star Wars fan who didnt really like Episode 3?,or 1 and 2 for that matter.It would have been nice to see a good director take control of the prequels.
Dont get me wrong,Episode 3 was better than 1 and 2,but then again,that wouldnt take much!

What do you think?

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27-05-05, 01:54
I have only seen the original. When the box set comes out I will watch them in correct order. A star wars marathon. I expect the special effects to get worse as the series progresses, due to the disjointed numbering.

27-05-05, 02:14
Considering the Originals were made 1977,1980,1983 I think the effects still hold up pretty well,plus they have been digitaly altered in some sections,probably a bit to much.

27-05-05, 02:30
I still like 4, 5, & 6 the best. 1, 2, 3 are nice because they let you in on who came from where and what they did etc. I saw three the other day and it was good. I felt like they kinda rushed the ending tho...just throwing stuff in there to complete the story.

They are still fun movies tho http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

Capt. Murphy
27-05-05, 02:39
I'm not reading anything in this topic and I haven't seen the movie, and I think something should be established.


If any spoiler is posted a warning should be given so for those who haven't seen it yet won't have it... spoiled. :D

27-05-05, 02:59

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27-05-05, 05:04
LOVED IT!! Loved every single juicy frame of that film. So much eye candy in that movie you can't get it all to register with the brain, so I saw it again the next day. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

I remember reading an article about how George wants to put episodes I, II, III in 3D. So when I saw episode III there were alot of scenes that I think would look pretty good in 3D.

Sad to see the story end but so glad Mr. Lucas put his vision on the silver screen.

Smith will Suffice
27-05-05, 05:42
ok well if anyone cares,

i wrote a review of episode 3 and my thoughts on it on my blog site. so i will copy the review onto here:

and yes, im aware of many mistakes in it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

there are minor MINOR spoilers so be warned.

here u go:

Star Wars Ep. 3 Review

everyone take a deep breath of relief that the last (supposedly) of the star wars installments was exceptionally well done. Now, everyone cry because HONESTLY TELL ME THAT ITS OVERRRR....

I attended the midnight screening of ep. 3 (i will refer to it as ROTS in this review, an acronym for revenge of the sith.) and i was lucky enough to get good seats! Walking into the theatre, i was blown away with the anticipation that just oozed from the crowd. There were the die hard fans, watching the other episodes on their portable DVD players and then there were the HARDCORE fans, dressed in full jedi apparel, lightsabers and all, battling each other as other groupies entered the theare with their own sabers.

We waited 4 hours in the theatre for those magical words that sent the crowd into a FRENZY:

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....."

the classic yello scrollingw text to follow was immediately greeted by utter silence from the theatre. Fans were ready to see the last episode.

Now that ive set the atmosphere, onto the film itself....

Star Wars Episode 3 - ROTS is an excellent film. Lucas has successfully completed his billion dollar franchise with a great final episode, which links the older films with their predecessors fluidly and efficiently.

The film opens with the dynamic duo, obi wan kenobi and anakin on a rescue mission to save chancellor palpatine from the clutches of the seperatists. War is everywhere in the galaxy and so is evil.

Padme is back, with a bun or two in the oven as are all the other characters weve seen in the prequel episodes. And to all the Jar Jar Binks haters out there, hes in it too! I actually say kudos to Lucas for including him and not giving into all the hatred shown toward him, and exclude him from the newest installment. A few new additions include General Grievous, Chewbaca, as well as other species and races in the star wars universe.

I will now try my best not to give away major spoilers, as thats just against my policy as most of you know.

The visuals are JAW DROPPING. Lucas always treats moviegoers to aesthetically beautiful films. The exotic locales are lush and colourful, and the cities are architecturally creative. The costumes are eloborate, while some are mundane, but look good nevertheless. Lucas completely utilizes every piece of CGI machinery to its maximum.

Sound is impeccable of course, all star wars related audio is, with a dynamic new score from renowned composer, John Williams in addition to the classic star wars music we have come to love.

The plot is engaging and picks you up from the first scene to the very last, without letting you get bored nor inserting nonsensical incoherent scenes, which is superior to the previous, Episode 2.

The film revolves mostly around Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi. Anakin's rage contine to build in the film as well as his hatred and quick temper. All of these elements are factors which contribute to his inevitable and already known downfall. So dont try to get mad at me and say im spoiling because its only common sense my friends.

Hayden Christensen plays Anakin and raises the bar in terms of his portrayal as a toremented individual. His acting is otherworldy compared to aforementioned Ep. 2. In the category of acting, Ian McDiarmid steals the show hands down. His portrayal of a father-like figure to Anakin is superbly well done and completely engaging. His character, Palpatine finally gets to show his true worth, in comparison to the other films, where he is merely a cloaked figure who stands in the shadows, sneering at his evil diabolical plans to rule the galaxy.

The transfromation from Palpatine to Darth Sidious (aka the Emperor) is fascinating and a pivotal moment in the entire star wars films.

Action sequences are thrown at us plethorically and are relentless and completely captivating. The buzz of a lightsaber being turned on still gets to me, let alone the electrical charges of lighting coming from Sidious' fingertips as he fries a certain Jedi. One of which i CANNOT STAND AND COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER TO WATCH BEING ELECTROCUTED. But now im ranting....The large scale battles are included, in both space and on earth, one including the wookies, which we are first introduced to in ROTS. Whether you're a fan of the aircraft battles or lightsaber battles, ep. 3 DOES NOT disappoint.

a downfall u might ask for a such a seemingly perfect film? well, let me assure you, as flawless as films may be, they all come with thier downfalls, and ep. 3 is no exception.

enter - the love scenes

now dont get me wrong, i HONESTLY appreciate love scenes in movies, as long as they are done effectively and believably. now as much as i love and admire Lucas as a director, the lord above knows that he coulnt write nor direct a decent love scene if his life depended on it.

Anakin - "Why are u so beautiful?"

Padme - "It's cause Im so in love" and proceeds to smile at Anakin for an awkward 30 seconds before the camera FINALLY cuts to another scene.

come on!

"your breaking my heart" she comments toward the end of the film, which is as believable as her pathetic attempt at acting in the star wars films.

natalie portman is a gifted young actress, a rare gem to find in todays hollywod crop of young stars. but in these films, she falls flat on her face, not just once, but 3 times!!!I mean, Hayden got better and you CONTINUE to struggle in every film Natalie! tsk tsk tsk.

in every episode shes in, its just horrible acting and stiff performance. one cant help but feel bad for her failed attempt at portraying a girl in love and a senator of the galactic empire.

She is perhaps most believable while giving birth at the end of the film, where all her acting requires is grunting and moaning and the occassional tear coming from her eye, which was probably CGI incorporated.

but enough time wasted on natalie and her character padme, because excluding them the film is completely enjoyable, not only to fans, but newcomers to the star wars universe as well.

I found episode 3 particularly enjoyable and fascinating, as we finally witness anakin's transformation into the infamous darth vader and the reasons for him turning to the dark side.

Also enjoyable, is the bond between palpatine and anakin, as they turbulently progress through the film as individuals with dreams and goals. Palpatine's persuasion techniques are deceptive and clever, all adding to the intricate, yet relatively straight forward plot.

As i mentioned, the prequels and the original films are sewn together seemlessly with ROTS.

As the final scene ends and the screens flashes to the credits and we hear the oh-so-famous score, fans get up and clap, most completely satisfied and impressed and others a little emotional that the sereis they've been following for decades has come to an end.

I was filled with a little of everything, but i can safely say that ROTS thoroughly impressed me and i was completely satisifed and loved every moment of it.

i walked out of the theatre with so much emotion and thought which i have now expressed to you. I hope to all those who think star wars is boring or stupid without having seen any of them, think twice and actually watch the films as they are overall fantastic and a landmark in cinematic history.

My Rating :

(out of 4)


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27-05-05, 07:46
Nice review, Smith. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

27-05-05, 09:11
I enjoyed the movie because I'm a big fan of Darth Vader, but yeah, it could've been better. Natalie Portman's acting is downright horrible, and Hayden Christensen is only convincing when he's ****ed. But as far as special effects go, the movie's Oscar-worthy :D The storyline seems a bit crowded, but since there are so many events to fit into so little time, it can be understood. Overall, not a masterpiece but definitely a very enjoyable movie to watch.

BTW, does anyone know why General Grievous keeps coughing all the time, when he's a droid and has no lungs at all?

27-05-05, 10:41
I thought it was a great film and I am not usually a massive star wars fan. The film has certainly persuaded me to check out all the other installments of the franchise again. I have seen all the star wars, but have never fully appreciated them until I seen this film. It was wonderful!

My favourite charcters are all from the dark side including Palpitine/darth sidious, Darth Vader and Count Dooku. I think Count Dooku is great because he reminds me sooo much of Saruman in LOTR (My favourite movie(s)). Just hearing Christopher Lee using that deep, Saruman voice in star wars makes the experience even better!

27-05-05, 10:42
he was partly orgainc i think.

27-05-05, 13:26
Originally posted by Catlantean:
BTW, does anyone know why General Grievous keeps coughing all the time, when he's a droid and has no lungs at all? LOL!! :D

I haven't seen the movie yet. And frankly, I have to wish to do so.

27-05-05, 16:03
Didn't like it much, too much colours (I mean effects :D ), but this movie is still good, of course. Well My fave is the first Episode.

27-05-05, 16:05
Originally posted by crux2:
he was partly orgainc i think. LOL, when they showed in one scene that Grievous had eyes of a living thing, I immediatelly thought he and Vader must be from the same factory :D But there was also a scene in which Grievous made clever use of his droid-ness by breaking the glass on the spaceship and then escaping out into the space (where the Jedi couldn't follow). I don't think he could've survived that if he had lungs.

Smith will Suffice
27-05-05, 19:16
he has organic parts as well, he has facial tissue as well as lungs and a heart i believe, they are just covered and shielded by metal parts.


27-05-05, 21:47
star wars is rubbish http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

Darth Plagus
27-05-05, 23:38
Grievous was a cyborg, part man, part machine. He was a seperatist fighter but was badly wounded in battle. Count Dooku rescued him and had his body hastily rebuilt.

He was the prototype for Darth Vader.

28-05-05, 04:29
Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
I thought it was a great film and I am not usually a massive star wars fan. The film has certainly persuaded me to check out all the other installments of the franchise again. I have seen all the star wars, but have never fully appreciated them until I seen this film. It was wonderful!
Me too!!!!!

Iv never been BIG on SW, iv seen them all and dont mind them, they are entertaining enough. But Episode 3 was very good.....it's made me want to see the first 3 originals all over again. Its been years since iv seen them so i wouldnt mind.

The only complaint about Episode 3 was at the end when Vader screamed "Nooooooooo" after Padme died, that was SO cheesy i laughed!

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