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27-05-05, 07:18
Is it just me who absolutely despises the way people these days claim six figure sums for the smallest of scratches picked up at work, or wherever?

I can understand the fairness of, for example, a cancer victim being compensated millions of pounds etc. But if you were stupid enough to trip over a wire at work? Are you telling me that should entitle you to six months off and with twice as much pay during that period?

The cases that annoy me the most are people who makes claims for "verbal" injuries; they get a comment about their breasts slipped to them so they go and think they deserve a small fortune to compensate for the agony. Well if you can do that, why can't kids in schools pick up cheques every time they get bullied?

Unless it's a serious injury/bodily defect that will stop you working, or enjoying your social life, or your love life, or your ability to just live, period, STOP YOUR WHINING (AND "CLAIMING").

27-05-05, 08:27
Yes Scott I agree with you. The difficulty and cost of Public Liability Insurance in Australia has grown out of all proportion because of these stupid claims. Small community based not profit clubs like our Cage Bird Club have so many stupid rules forced on us because of the Insurance it is just not funny. Luckily one of the Members of the Cage Bird Federation that all the small clubs belong to is an Insurance Broker and he finds us the best deal he can. But there are only about 2 insurance companies that will handle public liability insurance so they have us over a barrel.

We have never made a claim in nearly 40 years yet our insurance goes up every year but luckily when it is divided between around a hundred clubs it cuts the cost right down.

I make a food for Lorikeets (they eat nectar and pollen not seed) and it costs me around $1200 per year to cover myself for Public and Product Liability to cover myself incase someone tries to sue me as I don't want to lose my house. I only make this food as a hobbyist not as a living (it helps pay for my birds food). If someone's bird dies they could sue me so it would be cheaper to claim on insurance than to fight it in court.

The world has gone mad. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

27-05-05, 09:35
It's all because people are greedy and sueing someone's a chance for easy money.

(BTW, if you sue someone for causing you "emotional pain" or something like that here where I live, you're so going to get laughed at).

27-05-05, 13:24
Originally posted by Catlantean:
(BTW, if you sue someone for causing you "emotional pain" or something like that here where I live, you're so going to get laughed at). Here too. I find it 'silly' to sue for something like that.

27-05-05, 13:36
Scott, I have got eye strain from reading your post. You'll be hearing from my lawyers next week. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :D

27-05-05, 15:26
...Not before I sue you for the "Inferiority pains" you've caused me due to your constant breezing through TR challenges!


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Um, shall we call it quits then? :D

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28-05-05, 09:26
You guys are almost making me feel guilty for attempting to make a claim *it is still in process* I was playing golf in a park and there is a small road to get to the carpark that runs half way down the golf course. They had recently dug up the concrete road and had it tarmaked but they had left a big lump of the concrete at the side of the road which was hidden in long grass. I was crossing the road and, you guessed it, I fell over the stupid rock :( I didn't really injure myself that badly but I picked up this rare condition called RSD. No one knows what causes it and I don't think anyone really knows how to treat it or what it is. I was on crutches for 7 months in agony, I couldn't touch my food, I couldn't put the bedclothes on it at night! I had to have a course of 4 intravenious regional sympathetic blocks, which meant 23 needles over the corse of the summer holidays! I still have 4 little scars that look like a plug in my left wrist where they attatched me to a drip. I would go into detail about the nerve blocks but I would bore you http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Lets just say they were HORRIBLE! Even after they worked I wasn't allowed to run for a further 5 months and my right foot is a whole shoe size smaller than the other one and may not ever catch up, if it had got any worse I would have been left with a perminant limp. There are still no guarantees its gone. My foot still plays up from time to time, it is doing so right now and every time I hit one of my limbs *as lightly as stubbing my toe against a fridge* I have a 50/50 chance of getting it again and it can spread. I was lucky, the treatment worked for me but there are people in whom the RSD*reflex sympathetic dystrophy* has spread to the whole of their body! All this for a lump of concrete that the workers probably couldn't be bothered to pick up... I believe I was justified in my claim... How about you? who else has claimed for something?

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