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08-02-04, 15:22

so i dont bother you about my great night i will say it all now!!

last night i went to a concert in manchester and it was great!!!!!! it was so much fun!!!! the first support band were great i met the drummer from it!!!! the second was great too it had a keyboardist that wouldnt keep still and was nearly hittin his head off the keyboard when he was headbanging then Blink came on they were sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!

anyway it was a 2 an half hour drive to manchester from birmingham and on the way back it was funny because my friends sisters friend told us the time every minute for an hour!!!!!!!!!! it was the wierdist hour ever!!! anyway i got home and into bed for 1:20am and now im awake lol

now that saves you all getting annoyed when i add bits to the end of my post about it!!!!

and if you didnt know:
oh yeah from the last TR film AJ took the set of knives off set and kept them because chucking them at cardboard boxes makes her feel better and also she took the guns

08-02-04, 15:29
Glad you had a great time!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

08-02-04, 17:17
Roxy, concerts are always fun. :D
Happiness on ya.