View Full Version : Another strange optical effect with Glidos...

11-01-03, 09:43
is the tunnel straight? Surely in TR it would be... or should be...


11-01-03, 12:59
Dan, keep pressing F3 key, it should fix the perspective. There are 3 different perspective states, from fine (lower CPU usage) to best (highes CPU usage). It looks like your perspective is not setted up as BEST, so it looks just FINE :D

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11-01-03, 17:49
Well, I tried it, but it didn't do anything, except make the water turn brown! I'm not an expert on graphics and stuff, I couldn't correct it with F3 and F4 so I'm not sure what it is... Still, I thought it was funny http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Croft Security
12-01-03, 08:43
I've never experienced things changing shape or appearing out of whack with Glidos. The only strange effect I have ever seen is detailed in a post I made earlier, in which the environment appears to be zoomed in, and things look much closer than they are. This only occurs briefly, and corrects itself with a little gameplay. It could be just a consequence of Glidos running on my particular PC. All in all, the benefits of Glidos far outweight any problems it might cause. Core should feel ashamed they didn't come out with a program to give TR 1 high res graphics a long time ago. Kudos to Paul for doing it. Paul, I want you to make the next Tomb Raider game. He and I are both agreed that TR 1 is the best of the series.