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Smith will Suffice
21-07-05, 05:25
It's been nearly two weeks since Oscar winner ANGELINA JOLIE announced to the world that she was adopting another baby, this time a girl from Ethiopia named ZAHARA. But in the process of bringing her home, Angelina discovered her new daughter suffered a number of health problems.

The six-month old baby was ill from malnutrition and dehydration and had to be hospitalized for a week in New York. According to the upcoming edition of Us Weekly, on newsstands tomorrow, after being admitted, doctors discovered she was also suffering from an intestinal infection.

"In spite of her illness, she was very sweet, engaging and responsive," her doctor, JANE ARONSON, told the magazine. "When she gained her strength, she began to smile and coo."

Aronson also tells Us that the baby had clearly bonded with mama Angelina. "She was very connected to her mother during the hospitalization," she says. "It was clear the love and devotion of her [new adoptive] mother ... helped her recover."

Angelina and even her 3-year-old son MADDOX were very hands-on during Zahara's hospital stay. "Angelina was sleeping in [Zahara's] hospital room," a staffer revealed to Us, who adds that Maddox came by to check on his new sister.

Aronson gives Angelina credit for saving Zahara's life. "Children with [these multiple ailments] living in orphanages in developing nations die quickly without medical intervention," she says. "That would have been her fate had she not been adopted."


21-07-05, 05:29
Rare for celebs to feature in good news stories. Good luck to her.

21-07-05, 09:08
Yea. Im glad she's seems to be okay. But, wow, I didnt know that. Thanks for the info Smith.