View Full Version : July21 - 4 "incidents" in London!

21-07-05, 12:39
Newschannels around the world have just reported about what they call "incitedts" in london today.
3 underground stations have been evacuated and another incident on a bus is reported!!!

this is today july 21. its not 2 week old news.
it happened around 12.30-13.00GMT

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21-07-05, 13:13
Update: there have been a device detonating in in the subway close to Warren Street station. and the windows on the 26th bus at Hackney Road were blown out. one injured reported.

21-07-05, 13:22
Thank God no-one is injured this time around!

If I lived in London right now I'd fear for the diminishment of my liberty as well as my own safety... I don't know the current political situation there but increased security measures against continued (horrible by the way) terror attacks always seems to go in the direction of the citizenry losing a little freedom each time...

Now's the time to be vigilant! Make sure the government takes very carefully considered measures...

21-07-05, 13:40
Hope no one else gets hurt. :(