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22-07-05, 18:29
Hi guys, I'm back coz I havnt been online lately, but a while ago From www.amazon.co.uk (http://www.amazon.co.uk) I ordered a few tr titles (book wise) they were:
Pieces of zero (comic book)
Lost horizons (comic Book)
The man of Bronze
The amulet of power
The lost Cult

They've just come and Ive just read Pieces of zero which was actually quite good. The way Its set out is as if it was supposed to have been bought part by part coz it says after a while a few times, TO BE CONTINUED lol, any way it was an alright story, perhaps a little wierd and maybe a bit fast, but I'll forgive that coz It's a comic book!

But yeah I quite liked it - plus I got it much cheaper than the price on the back!!!

N E 1 else read it?

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