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There isnt a thread about this yet, so I decided to make one.

Click. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4709491.stm)

Dozens killed in Egyptian blasts

The explosions took place in the early hours of Saturday
At least 49 people have been killed and more than 130 wounded in a string of bomb attacks in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

The first explosion took place in the Old Market area, popular with tourists.

Other blasts followed in the nearby area of Naama Bay, which is packed with hotels. One blast tore off the front of the four-star Ghazala Gardens hotel.

Britons, Dutch, Qataris, Kuwaitis and Egyptians were among the casualties, police sources said.

Police sources said initial investigations suggested there had been at least four and possibly seven car bombs.

The blasts came within minutes of each other, shortly after 0100 local time (2200 GMT), when the bars and markets were busy with tourists.

There was shrapnel everywhere, the front of the hotel had been completely blown away
Fabio Besone
In Naama Bay, there were explosions outside the Ghazala Gardens and Moevenpick hotels. A taxi rank was also targeted, police and witnesses said.

TV pictures showed heavy damage to the Ghazala Gardens hotel, with parts of the building burned out and walls collapsed.

One witness, Fabio Besone, who was at the nearby Hard Rock Cafe, said there were scenes of panic, with people running to get away.

"There was shrapnel everywhere, the front of the hotel had been completely blown away, a couple of bodies lying down on the front of the road - I have no idea if they were alive or severely injured," he told the BBC.

In the Old Market area, 17 people - believed to be Egyptian workers - were killed as they gathered at a street cafe, rescue officials said.

The Sharm el-Sheikh area is popular with tourists from Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Europe. This is the height of the summer tourist season.

Last October, 34 people died in car and truck bombs at Red Sea resorts on the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula.

Those bombings were the first major attack in Egypt since 58 tourists were killed in the town of Luxor in 1997. .

Also, around the same time there was another blast in Beirut, Lebanon, after Condoleezza Rice made a surprise visit to the country. Clicky for full story. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4709155.stm)

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23-07-05, 08:45
Shakes head

23-07-05, 09:00
The world has gone mad!

23-07-05, 12:20
Its really upsetting how some people can kill dozens of innocent people!

23-07-05, 14:06
Terrible, does anyone know if they are related to the ones that have gone off in London?

23-07-05, 14:20
Bunch of attention whores, god. :mad:

23-07-05, 15:46
I don't even know what to say... God help us all. :(

23-07-05, 15:57
This destruction is horrible! Only way to stop this I think is by separation from the terrorists. This shouldn't be tolerated.

23-07-05, 16:00
Hmmm, hate to be the one whos analytical about this, but by what I can see, it seems that terrorist orginizations have now seen the potential of suacide or car bombs in heavily defended countries like England. As a concequence, they now know that it can be very effective in areas closer to home, where key American Embassies, bases, and other primary targets are located. It's a horrible prediction, but I can see more of these bombing comming on in the near future :( .

23-07-05, 17:15
OMG :( This is so horrible. I wonder how all this is going to end (if it ever ends) :(

23-07-05, 17:18
The world is exploding! :( And for what?..

23-07-05, 20:35
Terrible, does anyone know if they are related to the ones that have gone off in London?.

Quite possibly, Sharm el-Sheikh is a major tourist spot in Egypt, and a lot of foreigners were hurt. You can read about it in the second link below.


Death Toll Rises (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4709491.stm)

Missing Britons. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4709645.stm)


23-07-05, 20:45
Terrible. :(