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24-07-05, 12:27
Is anyone else here having trouble logging into hotmail?
I can log into my MSN Messenger but Hotmail wont let me in, is anyone else having this issue?

24-07-05, 12:29
Nope. Mines fine...

24-07-05, 12:37
Mine's fine too...

24-07-05, 12:45
Aw man :( ...........i hope there isnt something wrong with my computer. I need my e-mail because I get job applications through it, the last time i logged in was nearly 4 hours ago so thats why im kinda worried.
I guess i'll wait.

Lily Beith
24-07-05, 14:08
You mean when you click the hotmail link in messenger? If it brings you to a screen saying you typed in the wrong p/w, while youd din't type one at all, yes, I got the same thing. And if you type it in, it will load the same error screen asking you to sign in again over and over. What you need to do is click on the hotmail link somewhere in the upper left toolbar of the page where you are having trouble signing in and it will bring you directly to your inbox.

And by the way croft28, I do not recommend you using Hotmail at all. Microfost will introduce a software called Sender ID starting with November if I'm not mistaking, which will delete all emails coming from services who do not have Sender ID instaled directly from your inbox. Basically, you won't be able to get mail from friends, relatives or EVEN work applications if the sender uses an email service other than hotmail without Sender ID installed. And I very much doubt all email providers on the planet will bother installing this Sender ID.

It's just marketing strategy. Microsoft wants to eliminate all competitors. First they ask for money for chatting, then they delete rival yahoo emails directly from your inbox and block pop-ups like file uploading on yahoo, asks you personal questions from postal code to occupation to the name of your grandmother,offers only 25 Mb of storage, and now this sender ID bull.

I highly recommend you to use Google mail. It offers around 2.5Gb of free storage and you basically don't have to delete emails in your inbox for years, it has many user-friendly facilities and it only asks for a name and surname which don't even have to be your own.

Good luck with hotmail http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

24-07-05, 19:15
Well sometimes yes,sometimes not! :mad: