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Soma Holiday
25-07-05, 00:08
Anyone else seen it? I just got back and I thought it was great. The characterization was wonderful, and Ewan McCregor was really good.

8.5 outa 10.


Had to change the title since I found out that the movie only made 12 million dollars this weekend. I hate movie-goers, they never go see anything good. :(

For once, I'd like to see something I like make it big, first Advent Rising, and now this. It sucks.

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25-07-05, 06:50
Im not surprised it made $12 mill, in my opinion it doesnt look like the type of film that everyone would want to see.
Anyway, it looks cool and i will see it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Soma Holiday
25-07-05, 15:08
Yeah I know. If it isn't a comic-book movie, remake, or frat film, no one wants to see it, but this one is really original. It bothered me so much cause it cost 122 million to make, that loss is beyond bad.

25-07-05, 23:07
i am VERY apprensive about giving michael bay any more of my money. he has created lump after lump of total trash for his entire career. the trailers admittedly look like he's trying to make a departure from his characterless popcorn tripe of the past, but i don't want to get suckered. the cast is comprised of talented actors, the story absolutely could hold up, and Bay has voiced how unhappy he is with his usual combination of box-office success and critical failure. it seems as though he is trying to combine good story-telling with box office appeal in this effort, a combination that is beginning to be demanded by more and more movie-goers. the script got great buzz and is supposed to be solid. i just have very little faith in michael bay's ability to bring it to life in a believable way. still, i'm quite tempted to go see it.

tlr online
26-07-05, 00:48
It's on my list of must-see movies. Scarlett is a doll, especially in Lost In Translation.

Soma Holiday
26-07-05, 04:39
Scarlet is so beautiful in this one. She has the prettiest mouth I've ever seen!

And stereopathic, I completely agree with you on all of his OTHER works, but this one was a complete surprise. It's funny, the one movie he does worthy of recognition is duped, when all the ****py ones hit it big. :rolleyes: