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26-07-05, 17:22
This week, up for eviction is:

Kemal and Orlaith.

Who do you think will go?

I think Orlaith will.

26-07-05, 17:27
bye bye orlaith ...

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26-07-05, 17:48
I hope Kemal leaves. But I think it may be Orlaith. I don't like either of them and neither does anyone else, I don't think, so it would be good if they both went. Maybe they'll both be evicted?

tlr online
26-07-05, 20:34
Hopefully that sad sap of a man that is Camel.

26-07-05, 21:25
Camel? Surely a typo tlr http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif

tlr online
26-07-05, 21:27
Nope. He reminds me of a Camel.

Click to view (http://photos.soboring.org/images/zoo/camel%20singing%20better.jpg)

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27-07-05, 01:01
LMFAO!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif

27-07-05, 16:23
LOL! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif :D
With you 100% tlr, omg get him out. Been waiting for this to happen since the beginning.

28-07-05, 15:03
ru jokin?

Kemal is so much more interesting than Orla, & she says she wants to go so let her. Kemal is loads more entertaining

tlr online
29-07-05, 20:26

Camel is OUT!!!!!!!!

29-07-05, 20:31
NOOO! I HATE Orlaith!! :mad:

30-07-05, 10:27
Hehe! That'll teach him for being such a 'diva'. His face was a picture.

30-07-05, 10:32
So, has Orlaith left the house this morning at 9am like she said she would?

30-07-05, 10:50
is kemal turkish?

30-07-05, 12:04
hahahaha the likeness is uncanny!!! i was shocked to see him leave over orlaith though.

30-07-05, 12:14
Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
So, has Orlaith left the house this morning at 9am like she said she would? Well she has walked.. maybe not at 9 though:

Big Brother announced that Orlaith would be called to the Diary Room in five minutes and then the blonde bombshell would be leaving the House forever.

The blonde sited irreconcilable differences with Derek as the main reason for her leaving. "I couldn't stand being in the House another week with him," she told Housemates.

Orlaith spent her final minutes in the House with Makosi, Anthony and Craig in the bedroom, speculating on what the outside world could hold.

Work it baby," Makosi advised.

"Seriously, don't let him think that I've walked, make up something," Orlaith asked Housemates.

Big Brother called Orlaith to the Diary Room where she gave a few final thoughts.

What does the future hold for the blonde beauty? SOURCE (http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/news/newsstory.jsp?id=1633)

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30-07-05, 20:07
Originally posted by Laraismyrolemodel:
NOOO! I HATE Orlaith!! :mad: I couldnt have put it better! N i luv Kemal, his divaness is so enterraining esp his diary room chats. Neway i admire Orlai in a way 4 actually keepin 2 her word unlike Derik...