View Full Version : help w/The Times Demo

30-01-01, 05:56
How do I get out of the room with all the gold vases?? I killed the spiders, moved out of the way so i didn't get killed, then went to this room with all the gold treasures. Please help me thank you

31-01-01, 19:04
If you are where I think, then you have to reverse the way you came. It was to collect all those goodies under some of the gold vases (shoot at them) that makes the trip worth while. Good luck

06-02-01, 01:39
Thank you, but I'm still stuck I posted another post on 2/3 maybe u can read it and see where I'm at. Thank you again.

06-02-01, 02:19
You have to pull a gold basin away from the exit door... http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/forums/wink.gif

07-02-01, 06:36
Thank you Dale - I guess I was just on a shooting rampage. Thanks again