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Mary CF
29-07-05, 22:50
Does anyone else have this problem? Where people are either:

1) kicking your seat, either on purpose or while inconsiderately deciding it's a footrest,
2) talking loudly about personal things or stupid things you couldn't care less about, because after all, you did come to see a movie - not hear them talk!
3) pulling some other idiotic stunt with no concern at all for the fact that you paid to see this movie and didn't come to tolerate their bs.

Twice in the past two days, my boyfriend and I had to put up with this kind of junk.

Yesterday wasn't so bad - although the kids behind us were repeating after advertisement slogans (I find that kind of annoying, don't you?), they did stop talking during the movie. We did, however, have to ask them twice to stop kicking our seats. Grrr.

(By the way, if you haven't seen The Island, I'm ordering you to go see it NOW! Haha, just kidding, but it IS a good movie... at least we thought so.)

Today, while watching The Fantastic Four, we had to put up with idiotic girls at the back of the theatre talking too loudly occasionally (ok, not so bad, but it gets worse). Not only did they do that, but they decided it would be a great idea to light something on fire, not considering the fact that anything they say or do would carry across the theatre, since they WERE sitting in the highest seats.

We didn't report the kids yesterday, because they weren't being so bad. However, Troy did get up to report the girls who were burning things/talking too loudly at times (probably in love with the sound of their own voices, no doubt). They left as soon as Troy got up, but management gave us (Troy, our friend Ed, and myself) all free passes to see another movie, which I thought was nice.

I keep thinking, there has to be another solution to this problem. Besides waiting a few weeks before seeing a movie (I find that helps... sometimes), what really can be done? Going to complain may solve the problem, but it also ensures that you miss whatever part of the movie you are away during in addition to what you couldn't focus on due to disruptions.

This isn't as bad as the idiots who sat behind us during Batman Begins, though. One constantly went on about needing to pee and having a full bladder (really - do I NEED to hear that??), or random other junk. All I heard was a constant chatter whenever I was trying my hardest to listen... not to mention their constant moronic laughter at every little thing.

I seriously think these guys must have done too much weed during their teen years, because EVERYTHING was funny to them. In addition to this, they made sure to kick our seats (deliberately, I'm sure) often despite us asking politely several times for them to be quiet and stop kicking.

I got so mad at one point, during the last 15 minutes of the movie or so that I actually turned around and yelled quite loudly at them to shut up. I know that's not very nice... but neither were they, and my patience only goes so far.

Well, I don't know. I think there needs to be an attendant in every theatre, or else some other system in place to ensure that this kind of nonsense doesn't go on. After all, I don't pay to have people kick my seats/interrupt my movie http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

This seems to happen almost every time we go see a movie. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif We can't complain and get free passes every time... there has to be another way!

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29-07-05, 22:56
You mean adults were behaving like that? :eek:

I don't go to the theatre often, but it's rare people are that annoying.

Mary CF
29-07-05, 23:02
The two guys who were kicking our seats/laughing too much at stupid things/talking too much were in their mid twenties, I'd say.

The girls were in their teens, still in their narcissist phase. It was obvious. Aren't you realistically supposed to move past narcissism at the age of 7 or so? Some people http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

The ones repeating after ads weren't as bad as the other groups I mentioned... I'd say they're in their early teens. Not as annoying, but still annoying enough for me to mention them!

This is a huge problem in my area... and I'm not one of the people causing it. I never put my feet on the seats, I only laugh when something is actually funny... I don't talk during the movie. I wish these types of people were more considerate.

29-07-05, 23:20
I hate people like that in the cinema, and unfortunately there's often people like that when I go.

Camera Obscura
29-07-05, 23:27
I'm lucky enough not too find those people but one time my Dad's cellphone rang and he was talking so loud! I felt embarrassed cause other people were probably getting annoyed and I asked him to shut up (In a nice way). He did and hanged up quickly but now everytime we come to the theater I always ask him if he has his cell on silent mode.

Mary CF
29-07-05, 23:32
o.O Oh I forgot, the twenty-something ninnies took cell phone calls during the movie as well. Jerks!!!

Some people need to grow up and stop thinking everything is about what THEY want, and start caring about how others feel.

29-07-05, 23:33
No, almost never (if only some kids, but quite rarely).

29-07-05, 23:36
Yes, iv experienced this type of stupidity.

I dont mind people whispering to each other during a movie, but when people talk in their normal loud voices as if no one else is around...that really gets to me.

When i recently saw Fantastic 4, there was this small group of 20 something year old guys making their phones ring, making stupid sounds and pretending to fall over........throughout the whole bloody movie!!!!!!!!

I dont why someone would go out of their way to actually make noise, especially an adult. Whats the point?

29-07-05, 23:42
I dont why someone would go out of their way to actually make noise, especially an adult. Whats the point? Thats the point that there is no point at all, that kind of people are simply stupid or perhaps they like to be in the centre of attention.

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30-07-05, 00:08
i have these same problems almost everytime i go to a movie. i've found that if you catch the first showing on a sunday, it doesn't happen. i'm not too sure why, but i seriously dread seeing movies in the local theater because i know that i'm going to have to yell at the people behind me at least once.

years ago when i saw panic room in the theater the plot is boiling down to a riveting climax. the daughter is injured the husband is beaten and tied, the daughter sustains a heavy blow to the head and a total homicidal maniac is bearing down for the kill. david fincher chooses to eliminate sound completely to heighten the tension. the killer inches forward in silence...no one can do anything...he raises his weapon to strike...and CELL PHONE RINGS!!! WTF!! people who are that inconsiderate should be shot. millions of dollars are spent to make these features, the result of several years worth of labor. people are paying up to 10 bucks to get in to see it and some jackasses ruin it for everyone. there is NO EXCUSE!!

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30-07-05, 00:42
Ugh, I encounter that nearly all of the time. If they're annoying little t'ween-agers, all it takes is one icy stare. However, I've never encountered seat-kicking with people of my age group, only annoying commentary about the movie.

30-07-05, 03:25
My friend and I went to a movie a couple years ago (we were in our early teens) and a couple of girls from our class sat a few rows behind us and threw popcorn at us the entire time and made shrewd comments about us during the quiet moments of the movie. After the movie, I went to the bathroom and realized that one of the girls was in the stall next to me, so I dumped my pop on her shoes and cussed her out when she got out of the stall. Not one of my proudest moments, but definitely one of my most satisfying...

I am reminded, however, of when my friends and I went to see Star Wars. The guy behind one of my friends kept tapping her on the shoulder and asking her what was going on, and unfortunately she didn't know either so she kept having to ask the rest of us and report back to him before he'd leave her alone. There was one funny moment, however, when whoever it was in the movie dropped his lightsabre and the guy yelled 'GOD!! THE ****ING LIGHTSABRE!!!' We all laughed about that for quite a while.

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Mary CF
30-07-05, 03:37
What's worse is, when the movie got louder and was 'interrupting' their precious conversation (obviously more important to them than the movie, so why not just leave? and again, more bladder comments), they actually got LOUDER to speak OVER the movie.

My only conclusion is that people like this, love to inconvenience others and enjoy being the centre of attention for ANY reason at all.

I mean, they clearly had no intention of shutting up. My boyfriend asked them, "Could you please stop talking?" and this other guy next to us said to them "ZIP IT!" and the idiots of course replied (stupidly enough, considering this guy never said a word until then) "YOU zip it!"

Jerks. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Sorry to hear that some of you have had similar experiences... I actually almost dread seeing movies in theatres myself, stereopathic, because as you said, I'm almost sure I'll have to yell at someone for something.

I don't think this quite qualifies as someone being rude in the theatre, but I recall this time several years ago when a gross girl behind me decided to popcorn grease cough into my hair.

She didn't even TRY to cover her mouth. I touched the back of my head and it was greasy as hell. GROSS. *shudders* I wanted to hurt her... instead I just gave her one of the iciest glares she'll probably ever see.

Soma Holiday
30-07-05, 04:45
Oh Girl, you need to take me to the theatre! I am the biggest beoch when people won't be quiet.

Let me start by saying that the Island was AWESOME! I started a topic for it but only like 3 people replied, oh well.

Anyway, I take my movie time very seriously, and when people start being rude, I get rude. One time during the film Daredevil, right at the end to, a teenager in front of me starting rocking his chair, which in turn would squeek really loud. I politely asked him to stop twice, and the 2nd time he gave me a look, so a few minutes later, when he did it worse, I kicked the back of his chair really hard and made him spill his drink all over him. He didn't say a word to me, just looked scared. hehe...

And during Troy, this stupid girl wouldn't shut-up flirting with these 2 guys, and it was getting on EVERYBODY's nerves, not just mine cause she was talking in a loud voice, so I screamed Shut-Up, and she did. hehe.

I've nearly gotten into fights in theaters before, and people who bring their children to R movies, I just want to punch them in the face!

I hear everything during a movie because it annoys me so much, and whispering is fine, but anything else, I turn evil. Reporting to the manager doesn't work most of the time..

No such thing when I saw the Island though, thankfully.


Mary CF
30-07-05, 05:46
Well, they did shut up a little when I screamed at them, but then again there was only 15 minutes left in the movie... AAAH!!! HARVEY BIRDMAN IS ON!!! sorry, my attention span gets really short at night time... hehe.

Troy tends to tolerate this a bit too much, but after having this happen several times within a 3 month span, I think he's starting to lose tolerance for it. I tend to nudge him so he can deal with it first because people don't tend to listen to me... (I'm 5'4" and have a pretty small voice, since I am a girl... but if I get mad, which is rare, I am very, very scary) so I don't say anything until my patience is out... then I YELL!!!

30-07-05, 09:44
Originally posted by Mary CF:
I keep thinking, there has to be another solution to this problem. Little zappers under each chair? Cold custard catapalts? A WATCHING ATTENDANT ARMED WITH TRANQUILISER DARTS? :rolleyes: No, seriously it is really annoying when people don't respect your right to enjoy a movie in peace and quiet (well, maybe not peace and quiet for Alien - the Revenge http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif ).

Here, there's always a commercial that comes up just before the film starts asking people to switch off their phones, but there's always one (usually right in front/behind you), who doesn't. I can see a case for leaving all personal baggage outside in a secure area, so you can't even take a phone in with you (exceptions for things like inhalers?), with maybe a ticket system so you can claim something back if you need the loo or something. Just a thought.

30-07-05, 10:41
They probably don't want to do this because it would damage the theatre's profit, but I think atendants should be inside watching people and those misbehaving should be immediatly put out. There should be like a "license agreement" with rules of silence to be in a movie theatre.

We forbif things to kids but nothing seems to be done when adults behave in a less civilized way. I've seen people behaving with this untouchable atitude. The immature "my parents aren't here to tell me off" attitude. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

30-07-05, 15:15
Yeah, thats the worst.
Some theatres here play our national Anthem just before the start of a movie, and I think attending cell phone calls during that time is disgusting and disrespectful. A lot of poeple do that, however and I feel that is really annoying.

30-07-05, 15:18
Thank god other people have this problem!
I mean, its OK that they're enjoying themselves, but why do they have to ruin other peoples viewing too? Grrr...