View Full Version : Orlaith has walked!

30-07-05, 13:05
As Orlaith escaped eviction last night against kemal, this morning she decided to walk.

30-07-05, 14:45
Thank God, that woman has the personality of a poodle. :rolleyes:

30-07-05, 16:51
Well done for her. I am impressed she made a promise and stuck to it.

30-07-05, 17:18
I wished she stayed because she was obviously a fan favourite as she beat kemal in public vote, she alos beat science who once beat maxwell!

So she was liked.

30-07-05, 20:04
GRRR why couldn't she have got evicted & Kemal stayed?!? He was so much more entertaining than her! But still im glad she walked she was so bland. N I agree wit UT at least she kept her word unlike the likes of Derik