View Full Version : Derek adn Eugene up for eviction BB UK

03-08-05, 10:06
Who do you think will go?

I want eugene to go, but i think derek will :(

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03-08-05, 10:17
I don't like Eugene. I really hope he goes. He gets on my nerves. :rolleyes:

03-08-05, 11:48
I want Eugene to go. He is such a nerd!

03-08-05, 14:16
Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
I want Eugene to go. He is such a nerd! Yea he is a div

03-08-05, 14:42
I think i may be the only one who wants Derek to go.

03-08-05, 15:00
Off with Eugene - he has outstayed his welcome :D

di-dit-dit-dit-da-di-dit-dit-da VOTE EUGENE OUT!!


03-08-05, 15:07
I think that Derek will go.
But I'll be happy whatever; I don't like either of them.

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03-08-05, 16:53
Get Eugene out!

tlr online
05-08-05, 21:00
Derek. You have been evicted. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

05-08-05, 21:09
Derek is gone :( I WANTED EUGENE TO GO. Derek is better than Eugene

06-08-05, 10:54
Aww, poor Eugene, he's so worried about the others picking on him. :(

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06-08-05, 13:12
So this is the last week, who does everyone think or wants to win? I have a feeling Anthony may win, i always thought Makosi had a chance of winning, but im not sure anymore.

tlr online
06-08-05, 13:19
I think Anthony will win, aided by Craig's incessant obsessing.