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04-08-05, 17:01
As if this wasn't predictable:

'Jackson guilty' jurors to spill the beans
04/08/2005 - 14:12:08

Two jurors who cleared Michael Jackson of child sex abuse have now decided he was guilty and plan to write tell-all books about their lengthy deliberations, it emerged today.

Eleanor Cook, 79, will call her book Guilty As Sin, Free As A Bird, according to reports.

Ray Hultman, 62, who said after the verdict was delivered that he believed Jackson had probably molested boys, will call his The Deliberator.

The pair are said to be two of three jurors who initially voted that the singer was guilty of molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo in an early ballot behind closed jury room doors.

Larry Garrison, president of Silver Creek Entertainment, who will co-write Cook’s book with her granddaughter, said a film about the jurors’ experiences was also in the pipeline.

“These books are going to rock the nation,” he told the New York Daily News. “Elly and Ray are two of the three jurors who (initially) voted for guilty.”

The 12 jurors unanimously cleared Jackson, 46, of all 10 charges relating to the alleged molestation of Arvizo on June 13 after some 32 hours of deliberations over seven days.

Speaking at a press conference after the verdict was read out, Hultman said: “I feel that Michael Jackson probably has molested boys. But that doesn’t make him guilty of the charges that were presented in this case – and that’s where we had to make our decision.”

Garrison would not reveal why Hultman, Cook and the third juror changed their votes from guilty to not guilty.

“The jurors had made a pact to stick together,” he said.

But after an appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live, they decided “that was it” and it was time to dish the dirt, he said.

Source - http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/story.asp?j=64853594&p=64853896

What a corrupt, greedy and evil world we live in. They find the guy "not guilty" in a court of law, appear on countless shows sticking by their "not guilty" verdict but now decide to change their minds and say he was guilty. And for what? A book deal! This is just for money, pure and simple. I can almost see the dollar signs flashing in the eyes of these people.

Not only are they expoloiting Michael Jackson, but they are also making a mockery out of the US justice system and cashing in on the subject of child molestation.

Bottom line - A guilty verdict is more "profitable" in the eyes of the tabloids that a not guilty verdict. And these jurors know this! I am proud of the other 7 jurors who have stood by their decision and not changed their minds because of money.

Michael Jackson is currently on holiday in Bahrain and personally I hope he stays there to escape all this greed that appears to have infected America.

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Mary CF
04-08-05, 17:08
Poor Michael... whether he's innocent or guilty (I'm starting to think he is innocent, he doesn't seem like a bad man, just a little crazy), I do think these people should just leave him alone.

Pretty much everyone selfishly tries to cash in on celebrity. One of the many pitfalls of being famous, from what I've observed. :(