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tlr online
05-08-05, 00:04
Superstar Michael Jackson has reportedly agreed to an exclusive post-trial interview with a weekly magazine for $2 million. The Thriller singer has not been seen in public since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in June. American gossip website PageSix.com reports Jackson has agreed to speak to the US edition of OK! magazine about his two years of torment since his arrest. A source says, "Michael Jackson was given full approval over the interview, and the questions are very softball. He got to tell his side of the story the way he wanted to." Jackson is currently believed to be residing in Bahrain, where he has reportedly bought a lavish home.


05-08-05, 00:54
Like all things concerning the press, I will believe it when I see it. Apparently the magazine has yet to confirm or deny the story so we'll see what happens.

Quite frankly, I am overjoyed that he has finally got the opportunity to tell his side of the story. While some may think MJ is "doing this for the money" you have to understand that there is no other way for the guy to get his point across and no matter where he goes, people will always flash the cash.

As I said in another thread, we have countless other book and film deals concerning the ever changing opinions of the money hungry jurors and biased tabloid trash like Diane Dimond who will do anything to make a quick buck. After all, trashing the name of MJ is more profitable than supporting him. So this interview is essential for him to try and combat all this negativity.

I am also glad he has more editorial control over the content of this interview. We all know what happened with the Martin Bashir documentary.

This will hopefully allow him to get HIS point across which is the most important thing.

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05-08-05, 13:29
Only 2 million? :confused: I guess it's worth much more?

Mary CF
05-08-05, 16:06
He needs money... but $2m is paltry compared to how far in debt he is, isn't it?

Kinda makes me wonder... did he get so far in debt from personal overspending or lawyer fees? I think both, but more from the former. I saw the Michael Jackson documentary. All I can say is if he shopped like that every day of his life since... say, 8 years ago, or even less than that, I can see why he's in debt!

05-08-05, 16:41
I would say that the debt is greatly exaggerated by the media. Michael is still a millionaire. he owns 50% of the Sony ATV catalogue which means he basically owns the entire beatles collection and some Elvis songs. The catalogue itself is worth over $500 million! Couple that with all the property he owns and valuable antiques etc, the man is still filthy rich.

Mary CF
05-08-05, 17:03
Are you sure...? I'm not. Everything about him is so hard to believe because nobody seems to be in agreement on any one thing.