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06-08-05, 00:39
Was staying in a hostel near Loch Ness a few days ago and the hostel warden was from New Zealand, and really into this band called Salmonella Dub - they were about the only band she had playing in the office/lounge rooms of the hostel. I REALLY liked it and asked about it to find the artist's name, now I'm looking out for their work but have never seen their albums in the music shops near me so I don't know if I'd be best ordering them online (which is extremely difficult without a credit card) than spending hours searching shops all over town.

Has anyone else heard of them and listens to them who could a) recommend a couple of their CD's bearing in mind my favourite style of music is drum & bass, or b) suggest a British shop that you know sells their music?

Help much appreciated! ;)

06-08-05, 10:59
If you have a cheque book, or your parents, you can pay for CD by cheque at Amazon Geck. You can also pay by debit card if you have one.