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26-01-04, 12:48
Is there anybody out there who likes Birds (the feathered variety).
Has a Pet Bird.
Breeds Birds.
Shows Birds.

It would be nice to know if anybody else shares this interest with me and not just an interest in TR.

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26-01-04, 12:59
I do, and I have had a few throughout my life, from canaries to finches. Since 1995 I have had only birds that happened to fall in my path while making their first flying attempts. These have been goldfinches, greenfinches and a tit.

My most beloved and intelligent bird was the first greenfinch that fell down a tree, I found him in August 1995, named him Justin. He passed away in October 2001, and I still cannot talk nor write about him with simple...serenity I suppose (I already have tears p r i c king my eyes [edit: I can't believe it doesn't let me spell P R I C K]). At the same time as Justin, only a few days later, came two goldfinches, Jenny and John. John is still alive and kicking almost 9 years later. I then picked up another baby greenfinch, Mina, who sadly went in 2002. Another goldfinch, Billa, was found 4 years ago. A tit, William, was found 6 years ago.

To date, William the tit, and John and Billa the goldfinches are still doing well, and live in Italy with my parents. I also did pick up numberless other unlucky ones who didn't make it, and despite my attention died shortly after these falls. They were so small I couldn't tell whether they were gold or greenfinches or anything else, with the expection of small Liam, who appeared to be a baby robin.

I also rescued a few birds from cats, one of them was an adult robin that I pulled from a cat, fed and watered over night and then let go the following morning. He flew high in the sky and around the building and was obviously doing well!!!

The only birds I have at the moment are the ones that I feed in my garden. Blackbirds, crows, magpies, tits, robins and others come to eat from the feeders that I put in my trees. Because I have two dogs, I wouldn't really like to have smaller animals in the house, just in case some disaster happens and 'someone' ends up with a broken neck. Of course, I wouldn't turn my back should a helpless baby one fall in my path again.

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26-01-04, 15:23
We had a parakeet when I was growing up. I found him dead in his cage one morning. :(
I buried him in our backyard with some of my friends in attendance.
I rescued a trapped bird once. We had an atrium in our villa (a one story townhouse) and my mom called me in from my bedroom because there was this strange noise coming from it.
This noise was louder than the typical small little lizards we have here in South Florida.
So I go inside the open atrium area, following the noise...and in the corner is a young mockingbird.
I very carefully closed in on it...carefully avoiding a wasp nest, also in the corner, and get the mockingbird between my hands.
Mom opened the window for me to get out...then opened the front door for me. I went out to the curb...knelt down, opened my hands...and off flew the mockingbird with its parents flying after it.
It was such a good feeling having 'saved' this young bird. It was even cooler knowing that the parents 'knew' I meant its baby no harm.
Mockingbirds are extremely territorial and won't hesitate to attack anything that they think is a threat.

26-01-04, 21:17
Hi Steph & Tina,

At the present time I have around 200 birds in my aviaries. Mainly Rainbow Lorikeets, these are nectar feeding parrots. I have around 50 mostly hand raised by me. I am hand raising 4 baby lorikeets and 2 little budgies that were brought to me after their mother escaped..
I have had quite a number of rescued baby lorikeets brought to me to hand raise. This year I was given a young Galah (Roseate ****atoo) whose tree had come down as a result of a very bad hail storm (Over 250 houses damaged in the area). He hadn't started flying yet and could not feed himself. One of my favourites is my Sulfur Crested ****atoo Sammy. I hand raised him from 2 weeks of age and he is now two and a half.
He is a very big boy at nearly 2 feet high, but he is the biggest sook. Loves to come out and give me a big cuddle along with a kiss. Loves being tickled under the wings and getting head rubs. He talks very well and says goodnight every day. Also at Christmas received another Galah she had been hit by a car and has a very badly broken wing. It cannot be repaired as it is too high in the wing. She is settling in very well. One of my latest is a young Sulfur Crested ****atoo that the local vet gave me it is going through an extremely bad moult hoping it is a girl as Sammy needs a girl friend. It just started talking yesterday. Not too bad for a wild bird that has only been in captivity just over a month. I feel sorry for people in England and America as you have no native parrots, we are so blessed in Australia as we have around 55 different species of native parrots. Most of them are so beautiful they knock you socks off.
My Lorikeets breed all year so I am constantly hand raising babies and as I have MS they keep me pretty busy but still leave plenty of time to play TR as I have to rest alot. You should try to get a had raised pet parrot as they are so smart and where you are they are a lot cheaper over there than they are here as we don't allow imports anymore and any exotic parrot is quite often cost throusands of dollars. The smaller Amazons are around $9000 to $20,000.
Glad to see I'm not the only one taking in rescued baby birds and raising them up.

Cathy :D

26-01-04, 21:24

have you ever had birds with problems in their feet? By this I don't mean simply missing a toe or something, but I mean in a way...shedding the skin I suppose, but in a way that affects the well-being of the bird. It has only happened to me with my older birds and I am not referring to arthritis or anything like it, I am talking about very small, in fact tiny (of course, it's a goldfinch's foot we are talking about not my own!!) little scabs. One of my greens was affected and was treated with a little bit of aspirin, but also one of my gold ones now appear to display this problem, and while he seems happy otherwise (eats, drinks, washes himself), he seems to be suffering somehow and doesn't move as much. Vets are totally inadequate when we talk of such small birds and I was wondering whether you, or any other out there, might know what I can do to make his life easier!

Melonie Tomb Raider
26-01-04, 21:34
I have a parakeet named Skooter :D http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/image/emoticons/emote192.gif

26-01-04, 21:48
Hi Steph,

It sounds like you have scaley mite. It is quite a common problem over here with Budgies and Canaries. Over here I would use a product called Ivermectin Spot On. It is made by Merk Sharp & Dhome and is used on Cattle and Sheep to kill Lice and Mites. See if you can find an Avian Specialist Vet he should be able to give you something for it. Another treatment (old fashioned) is Petroleum Jelly. The mite burrows under the skin and causes an irritation. Petroleum Jelly will block the holes and they can't breathe. I don't know what your pet shops are like over there but usually they have over the counter medications that can be used to kill the mite. The other problem it could be is mosquito bites. The smaller birds seem to suffer from them quite badly. Unfortunately we still do not know enough about the health of birds as not enough study has been done with them. Really strange when you consider that they have been kept as pets for as long as dogs and cats. The Alexandrine Parrot got his name because Alexander The Great kept them as pets.

Hope this helps