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07-08-05, 02:50
hey ghuysi know this game is very oldtomb raider the lost artifact but if u guys don't mind could u spoil meon whathappens inthe game.no i am not buying the game because it only for computerandiplay my games on playstation 2.please give me info please :D

Camera Obscura
07-08-05, 02:56
This belongs in the Lost Artifact section. Not the General Chat.

LA is just an add-on to Tr3. It contains Six levels and it's about Lara searching for a 5th artifact that came off the meteor in Tr3. So she travels to Willard's place (the main bad guy from Tr3) and searches there, but later finds out that Sophia Leigh (The evil chick from London) is still alive and has stolen the artifact! So then Lara searches for Sophia and the artifact.

That's how much I know, and I have the PS version of Tr so I also spoiled it for myself.

07-08-05, 03:07
ok thanx so this belongs in tomb raider the lost artifact section?ami supposed to move itor something

Camera Obscura
07-08-05, 03:27
Only moderators can move/close/ or edit someone's thread and/or post. Some mod will come for that.

I also wish I had TR LA. Too bad we couldn't get it for the PS. :(

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07-08-05, 09:30
*Ping* And here's one now. :D

Moving to TLA section...