View Full Version : Photographer shot outside Britney Spears event

08-08-05, 01:34
A photographer was shot in the leg with a BB gun outside a home where he believed Britney Spears was attending a bridal shower Saturday evening, authorities said.

It was unclear who fired the BB as the photographer was staking out the event at the Malibu home, sheriff's Lt. Steve Smith said. He said firefighters bandaged the man's leg and he went to a hospital.

"It could've been somebody driving by, walking by, we have no idea where it came from," Smith said.

The photographer, identified as Brad Diaz, was about 200 yards from the home outside the home's long driveway when he was hit, Smith said. He was one of about 10 photographers standing in the street.

Smith originally said the home belonged to Spears, but said deputies later learned that it belonged to someone else and that Spears is a frequent guest. He did not identify the owner.

A message left with Spears' publicist was not immediately returned Saturday night.

08-08-05, 05:40
A BB gun is only a Pelet gun, HA!

08-08-05, 09:12
Sounds like it was modded to shoot harder than it should normally... BB guns shouldn't pierce the skin but if he needed a bandage it suggests it did.

08-08-05, 10:13
My brother shot my other brother with a BB gun. It's still in his leg.

Doesn't take a lot of pressure to do it.

08-08-05, 14:23
Well, if they used a BB Gun to shot the photographer with, they must have not ment to really kill him, just to injure him or to scare him away but that's kinda wacky trying to shoot someone away.

Jacob x5
08-08-05, 21:42
I didn't read past the first line. More tabloid rubbish lol, my natural old-man assumption that everything is rubbish. By the way I'm 13 lol.