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08-08-05, 03:13
Grassy Thunder

The day I looked into the sky
I saw a rain cloud
The cloud was blackened and fierce
The smell of rain surrounded my senses

I was eager to explore unfamiliar
My heart beat fast with thunder
Desires were unleashed
I was tamed by the storms of life

Feeling the rain soak my heart
It was a place and time I shall never ignore
Tall grasses all around; Trees in bloom;
It was the storm of all storms

A fierce storm you only experience once
Thunder and rain froze in time
A place I wish I could go again
The memory of grassy thunder.

-Elizabeth Carrier


10-08-05, 18:46
Whoa, I must be having vision problems... The whole meaning of the poem changes if you subtract the R from grassy. Gassy Thunder! :D

Vivid imagery. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif