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27-01-04, 00:26

By Lia Haberman

Dibs on Monica and Chandler's apartment.

TV's favorite Friends already have one foot out the door--the NBC comedy taped its final episode Friday night before an invitation-only audience sworn to secrecy over the show's ending.

Cast and crew wrapped the show just before midnight. They were joined on Stage 24 of the Warner Bros. TV lot in Burbank by close to 200 carefully selected guests (read: no media types) as the hit sitcom's 10th and final season came to a close.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer then moved on to a (presumably teary) farewell bash at a secret location.

"Looking back on all the fun is not going to help me leave," Kudrow told reporters last week. "I mean, that's exactly what I can't be thinking about because that's the saddest part for me."

The six pals have stuck together from the beginning, when they earned a paltry $40,000 per episode. Now pulling in $1 million per episode, it was reportedly a mutual decision to make this their final season.

The move left NBC programming execs powerless over the fate of their leading laffer. The show is the number one network comedy, attracting an average 19 million viewers this season.

Chalk it up to the grief, therefore, when NBC incurred Industry wrath two weeks ago after running promos that praised the departing series as "the best comedy ever."

"The people who did All in the Family and M*A*S*H and Mary Tyler Moore and I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners and Cheers and Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, all those shows, may have a little bit of a problem with that claim," snickered CBS head honcho Les Moonves to reporters.

Ultimately, Pea**** suits promised not to use the pitch line anymore after it ruffled the feathers of fellow network star Kelsey Grammer, whose sitcom Frasier will also be leaving the airwaves this season.

"I don't blame them for saying that," Grammer told reporters. "Although, we all know it's not true."

This much we know is true: After 10 seasons, 55 Emmy nominations and countless hookups--Ross and Phoebe came close, Monica almost made it with Joey but then married Chandler, Rachel and Ross definitely did the deed and so did she and Joey--one of the TV's most popular comedies will end May 6.

Network officials plan to mark the evening with a major send-off for the Central Perk gang. The two-hour farewell includes an hourlong retrospective of classic scenes followed by the one-hour series finale. The long goodbye continues with a special Tonight Show with Jay Leno installment broadcast from the show's coffee shop set later that night.

The parting will be pricey for advertisers. Thirty-second ads for the show are going for a whopping $2 million per spot. Of course, the network may have to use that money as bribes to keep the finale's plotline hush-hush for the next several months. Already, several rumored storylines have leaked out:

(Spoiler alert)

NBC has revealed that Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) will marry boyfriend Mike (Paul Rudd) in the February 12 episode while Danny DeVito will make a guest appearance as an over-the-hill stripper performing at Phoebes bachelorette party.
Rachel will reportedly lose her job at Ralph Lauren but is offered an even better position in Paris, which she's inclined to accept to Ross' dismay.
Suburban-bound Monica and Chandler could find themselves living next door to his ex Janice unless Bing does something about it.

Meanwhile, Joey's future is no secret. LeBlanc inked a deal last year with NBC and Warner Bros. Television to star in a Friends spinoff that follows his character out to California where he plans to pursue his acting career.

tlr online
27-01-04, 01:01
Oh, I'm sure like the British comedy Only Fools & Horses you'll have Easter and Christmas Specials to come...

27-01-04, 12:37
Yeah there has been a confirmation of christmas speacials.
Its still a shame though, i loved the Friends series :(

27-01-04, 18:30
Originally posted by SpArKy:
Yeah there has been a confirmation of christmas speacials.
Its still a shame though, i loved the Friends series :( really! when did they say that?

27-01-04, 20:20
I'm sorry I never watched Friends :(
Can't see what all the fuss is about it's only a sitcom :rolleyes: