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13-02-04, 15:48
Microsoft Confirms Leak

Possibly traced to Unix developer

Microsoft has confirmed that portions of the Windows 2000 and NT4 source code are in fact floating around the web, though they insist there was no breach of their corporate network. The leak instead appears to have originated from long-time Redmond partner Mainsoft, who utilize the code to create native Unix versions of Windows applications. Microsoft has released a statement (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2004/Feb04/02-12windowssource.asp) on the leak, which suggests that "at this time there is no known impact on customers" and that the source code is not complete. BetaNews (http://www.betanews.com/article.php3?sid=1076674118) is claiming the source code was stolen from a Linux developer's PC at Mainsoft (http://mainsoft.com/). According to BetaNews, the examination of the core dump and other files indicate the PC belonged to Mainsoft's Director of Technology, Eyal Alaluf.


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tlr online
13-02-04, 15:55
Quite ironic really isn't it? Thanks for the article.

13-02-04, 16:01
IMO the hackers are very smart. If M$ gives out source code to developers, then the developers need to secure themselves. Apparently they didn't or they didn't do it well enough and they then became the easiest target.