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Laras L3gend813
15-06-05, 22:42
Hello everyone,
Lately i've been thinking about what i'm going to do with my life (Yes I know early thinking for just a kid). Nothing else suites me more than a videogaming career. For almost 10 years i've seen Lara evolve right before my eyes, I just only wished that someday I could create someone just like her. Me and a large group of friends have decided to found Paradox Studios. At Paradox we are determined to listen to what people want in our games. Were nothing big, and were not going to have profit on anything it's all just for fun. Our Current projects are: Harry Potter and The Green Flamed Torch, Haminaptra, and Aeoxins.
The Harry Potter game is just our version of Order Of The Pheonix.
Haminaptra is a Eyptian based game, set in the Early days of Egypt.
And Finally Aeoxins is a vest variety of my dreams. Ranged from Tomb Raider all the way to a semi-new Star Wars baddie.
I hope that we get far, visit our slowly growing website at: Paradox Studios (http://www.freewebs.com/paradoxstudios/)

16-06-05, 01:11
Good luck with your project and don't forget us 'little' people once you are rich and famous.

Laras L3gend813
16-06-05, 22:04
Lol, don't worry I wont. I just love you all!