View Full Version : this really wierd problem

27-01-04, 14:53
so i received a private message and it was shown on my email, and i decided to look at it and reply and clicked on the link to access my profile to reply to the pm. here's the wierd part, i click on the link but it said that i'm not logged in, so i log in. then it says thanks for logging in and "we're taking you back to..." something like that so i wait, and then the new page is again saying i'm not logged in, i log in again and the same thing happens. BUT THEN, i tried to access the forums not through my email, but through normal internet page by actually typing in the adress and here, "greetings galaxia" i'm already logged in! ISN'T THIS WEIRD?

27-01-04, 22:20
wow how freaky :eek:

27-01-04, 22:28
I think that's happened to me, cus thru the email link it doesn't recognize you, and logging in while you are already logged won't work, so it loops.