View Full Version : i dunno whether to or not!

the croft woman!
28-01-04, 08:41
If it was ice cold outside, but you'd promised to meet up with a good mate who you aint seen propaly for a few weeks, would you go?

I ask because i've promised to meet my mate with my bf and her bf to go out drinking and have a laugh like we used to, but its SO damb cold out there! The plan is, go get our BF's signed up to job agencies (because they want to) then go to the brook centre and then go out and have a laugh. I want to go but its ice cold!

28-01-04, 08:44
Well if it's ICE COLD outside then it's best if you wait, BUT if u really wanna see your mate and u promised then do it. I would still go though, just have a lot of layers.

the croft woman!
28-01-04, 09:17
yeah... Ok i will see her but will go back to G's earlier than i said i would