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28-01-04, 09:04
The snow is Almost 4 Inches thick. I had to walk atleast a mile to college in it. This is in Grimsby! Who else has got snow in there town?


28-01-04, 09:08
It must be really cold..well it gets cold here in my place (redwood city) but it has never snowed before.

the croft woman!
28-01-04, 09:21
Damb it, we had a little sprinkle :( I want 4 inchs to!!!!! I LOVE SNOW!

28-01-04, 09:37
I positively hate it. It is about 3 inches here and as you understand, Manolos don't fare well in the snow. I might give a miss going out today.

the croft woman!
28-01-04, 11:12
You hate it? I love it, only had it twice in my life apparently. I remember one time when we just moved to Bradville we had it, but mum says i was only a baby the first time.

28-01-04, 11:38
i wish we had snow! we were supposed to get a foot by the morning and this huge storm randomly blew off to sea!!!! err.

28-01-04, 11:53
Well it is really thick here, and the bus's have stopped runing, so it looks like i will be walking another mile toget home from college, lol.

Or well atleast my legs will get toned up even more then they are! :D

28-01-04, 20:20
Well I was wishing for more than four inches ;)
But as usual here we got but a dusting last night :rolleyes: :(
I want lost of snow so I can through snowballs at my kids http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

28-01-04, 20:27
We have 8 inches and it's still comming down :rolleyes:

29-01-04, 04:08
Going by the table outside the window, there's about 2 and a half feet. Roughly. Less in the open.

29-01-04, 08:13
Loads of the stuff here too....and lots of ice and it's freezing cold....I want summer :(

29-01-04, 14:23
Originally posted by the croft woman!:
Damb it, we had a little sprinkle :( I want 4 inchs to!!!!! I LOVE SNOW!Same here... the snow only reached 1.5cm :(

Lucky for me due to icy roads i got today off school :D

the croft woman!
29-01-04, 17:31
OMG! i was at the city centre with my BF yesterday waiting to meet one of my other mates so we could go out clubbing. Me and G were looking at necklaces and rings, then i noticed the time, so we were making our way out of the city to the point to meet my mate. We had only been in the city for 1/2 hour, the pavements didnt have a trace of snow on them, but when we went out the city everywhere was covered in snow! It was snowing heavly and came up to my ankles!!!!

Hehe when we met my mate we were lobbing snow balls at my BF it was so funny! I LOVE SNOW! :D