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just croft
09-08-05, 12:05
I don't konw if u ever played a game like this on tr:forums but here it goes.
I post a line ( something that a character from the movie says ) and u have to guess from what movie the line is.
"Lara croft" - "Bond...James Bond".
"Chase Carver" - 007 series.

the person who gets it correc gets the turn.
so here it goes.

- "All u have to diced is what to do, with the time that is given to you." -

*Chase Carver character from TR comic books.

09-08-05, 12:12
Ian Mckellan (sp?) as Gandalf in "The Fellowship of the Ring"

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09-08-05, 12:15
Ok, your turn now dave

09-08-05, 12:19
Okay, I was thinking... This might be a toughy!

"All those ... moments will be lost ... in time, like tears ... in rain. Time ... to die."

(edited to the exact quote)

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09-08-05, 13:08
CLUE: The star of this movie became the biggest star out of all the Star Wars cast... (he didn't say that line though).

09-08-05, 13:15
Ok, I will admit that I had to google this one, but I got it:

Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty in Blade Runner 1982

09-08-05, 13:17
Ok, here is my one. Who said:

"Ernest Hemingway once wrote, 'The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.' I agree with the second part."

09-08-05, 14:17
Morgan Freeman in the voiceover for "SE7EN".

Who said: "Soylent Green is people"

09-08-05, 14:27
The first time it was said it was Detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston) in the 1973 movie "Soylent Green".

09-08-05, 14:37
Got one for us, Gomes?

09-08-05, 14:47
Oh, yes. Sorry. :D
"I'll be back"

09-08-05, 14:49
Arnie uin any of his movies.

"I said... put the bunny in the box."

09-08-05, 14:52
Sorry. Double post

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09-08-05, 15:01
Oh, me me me! It was Nicholas Cage in Con Air!

Here is another one. Who said:

"I'm a hip old granny who could hip-hop, bebop, dance till ya drop, and yo, yo, make a wicked cup of coco"

09-08-05, 15:06
Was that Martin Lawrence in "Big Mommas House"? I'm not sure on this one...

09-08-05, 15:08
Nope, incorrect. Try again!

09-08-05, 15:54
Mrs. Doubtfire?

If so, then:

"God gave men brains larger than dogs so they wouldnt hump womens legs at ****tail parties."

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09-08-05, 18:23
That's from Hackers, but I forget who said it!

Here's a funny one:

"Hey, don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love."

09-08-05, 18:38
Woody Allen in Annie Hall.

Um on the spot here, it's easy but it the 1st one that came in my head

"Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead"

09-08-05, 18:48
Is that from Pulp Fiction? I forgot who said it though.

If correct, here's one. Who said:

"A new power is rising. It's victory is at hand"

09-08-05, 18:57
Saruman! "The Two Towers"

I have to leave the name out here, or it'd be too easy; but this one popped into my head:

"____, you magnificent *******, I read your book!"

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09-08-05, 19:00
Has to be :D . Who could mistake that voice? ;)

09-08-05, 19:02
Hmmmm... forgot that that word might be edited--it's still pretty easy I think!

09-08-05, 19:28
Alright, I'm going to be gone for many hours now, so the answer was:

George C. Scott as Patton in the movie "Patton".

Someone else can run with the ball now...

09-08-05, 19:54
"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you! Tomorrow! You're always a day away!"

I couldn't resist.

09-08-05, 20:57
Aileen Quinn as in "Annie"

(Thank the litttle sister and her collection of ****py movies for the answer)

"He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy."

09-08-05, 22:47
Its the Brians mother, Life of Brian

"Time to save the world then"

09-08-05, 23:10

Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie. I think it was Bryce that said it (the sidekick that looks like a monkey anyway).

Ok, who said this:

"I wouldn't let you sleep in my room, if you were growing on my ass!"

10-08-05, 07:07
kevin's big bro/cousin in Home Alone...

Soma Holiday
11-08-05, 01:45
Since no one went, I'll go...

"She sounds like a Mexican appetizer."

11-08-05, 05:46
Originally posted by Soma Holiday:
Since no one went, I'll go...

"She sounds like a Mexican appetizer." Is it, Daredevil? What Matt Murdock's friend was saying about Elektra's last name?

just croft
11-08-05, 11:03
"She sounds like a Mexican appetizer." isn`t it jonny deep on once appon a time in mexico?

Soma Holiday
11-08-05, 14:47
Yes, it's Daredevil tombraider_roxs, good job!

good guess though just croft. It sounds like something he'd say in that movie. I love Once Upon a Time in Mexico. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

11-08-05, 15:51
OK, how about;

"Harold! You were supposed to give her the potion!"

12-08-05, 02:14
The fairy Godmother in Shrek 2?
if so...
"You are one ugly MotherLover!" (edited for the underaged)

12-08-05, 04:57
Sounds like Arnie from Predator?
If ok, someone else to go. Won't be back for few days.

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12-08-05, 06:47
What about,

"Why you half witted!Scruffy looking,Nerf Herder!"

12-08-05, 08:50
Carrie Fisher (Leia Organa) from the Empire strikes back.

"Like a midget in a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes"

12-08-05, 09:35
Naked gun 33 1/3

I love those films!