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09-08-05, 23:57
We all know the major sucess that the entire Tombraider franchise has had over the years, with games, movies, books, magazines, music videos, music concerts, soundtrack complitations, clothing, the tombraider franchise has seen all areas of the media not just nationally but internationally. The height of the series was probably just after TR1 and 2 had been released, and movie speculation was rife with everyone from Catherine Zeta Jones, to Kelly Brook enjoying media attention involving our ever trusted adventurer Lara Croft. The 'Tombraider Phenomenon' was heading in the right direction but shortly after TR3 things starting collapsing, rushed game titles to Nude 'Hacks' things started going downhill, and it was coming apparent that the franchise needed a little 'oompph' this was realised and soon after TR4 was released, critically not slated (Rather unlike the harsh media criticism of Angel Of Darkness), the sales figures were down and then a breakthrough. After years of speculation Paramount Pictures teamed up with Director Simon West and the first Tombraider movie was created (starring the gorgeous Angeline Jolie in the role of our Lara Croft.) The movie grossed more than 200 million in the box office and was a mega-hit, certifying a sequel. Soon after the film momentum was gathering on the weak franchise then came the release of Lara Croft: Tombraider The Angel Of Darkness, Lara's frst outing on the Playstation 2. After delays, and dead high hopes, AOD is rushed out and the franchise spectacularly derail's. Lying dead flat on is back 2001's hit movie got a sequel: Tombraider The Cradle Of Life, with bad reviews and low box office intakes, officially TR is dead.

With nothing left to give the franchise needed a new direction (or rather an old one) Eidos switches the developers right from Core Desgn (The home of Tombraider) to Crystal Dynamics in the USA. A new team behind and soon after in 2005 Lara Croft: Tombraider Legend is announced bringing a media frenzy back with it. With hype, official statements and media releases is the Tombraider franchise finaly gaining momentum?
(again?) Isn't it strange how now we're hearing news of a third Tombraider movie not being completly 'ruled out'?

Tombraider Legend is on fire, fans everywhere are going wild, dancing in all the glory surrounded by the new title. Already being regarded as 2006 must have, who know what next year holds for the Tombraider franchise, one thing is for sure and thats Lara Croft isn't going down with out a fight!

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10-08-05, 02:11
i agree once tomb raider 3 came down things did get slower but i happen to enjoy tomb raider 3 it was really hard and that made the game fun but....yea once the first movie came out tomb raider was a big hit. and with the new of tomb raider legend i can't go to any website without seeing something about tomb raider legend on there lol.even on xanga i read abotu people talking about tomb raider legend