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tlr online
10-08-05, 15:51
The below referenced web site has been illegally hotlinking to our content over the past two days, and has cost me and additional £100 GBP in consumable bandwidth!


This is the very reason our content is managed by software. You may not like it, but because of the obscene number of grubby thieving arseholes out there too inconsiderate to link to our static download page and too fearful of actually directing folk off their own web sites, we have them in place. Unfortunately, they arenít fool-proof, and grubby little thieves like this one has managed to directly link to our download server.

This web site owner will be held accountable.

10-08-05, 16:04
I suggest a good old fasioned keel hauling!

I'll go get some rope...

Mary CF
10-08-05, 16:16
some people! I hope you punish them good, tlr.

I hate thieves/liars/people who do inconsiderate things.

Grrr! Bring 'em to me and I'll chew their ears off!! :mad:

10-08-05, 16:25
People are so mean! What they did was wrong and I hope they get a good punishment!

10-08-05, 16:52

tlr online
10-08-05, 17:01
This is the reply I received from Jerome, and my subsequent reply to that.


This wasn't published on a public URL. Our content is managed by software
designed to prevent thieves like you stealing our bandwidth. This software
you have actively bypassed.

Somehow, this is exactly the kind of response I expected from you.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Jerome Stolfo" <webmaster@jeuxvideo.com>
To: <support@tombraiderchronicles.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 5:53 PM
Subject: Re: ** Formulaire Contact JeuxVideo.com **


It seems you don't understand how the Internet works. If you publish a link on your server, it's available to the world. If you don't want a file to be downloaded from anywhere on the Internet, don't publish it on a public URL.

tlr online
10-08-05, 17:09
The illegal hotlink has now been removed.

Post closed.

Mona Sax
10-08-05, 17:11
What a jerk. Can you actually do something to stop him?