View Full Version : Craig has gone ( BB UK )

10-08-05, 19:32
It's all over for craig.

Kinga to win, shes rules! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tlr online
10-08-05, 20:16
What?! Are you insane?

She must be evicted. Prompty, because Paris Hilton is more real than that waste of space.

Jacob x5
10-08-05, 20:25
I missed the eviction? I thuoght it was on a ten! :( Oh well, I'm glad Craig is out, I never liked him. But Kinga is my least favourite, and I completely agree with trl online, she has to go. I like Eugene and want him to win and I feel sorry for him when she won't leave him alone when she's drunk! She gets drunk so easily, I mean she got drunk on non-alcholic wine and started sticking a condom on her head!

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10-08-05, 21:46
Kinga should be out!
there probably going to be 2 winners eugene is already a winner with half the prize fund

11-08-05, 00:52
Eugene what are you doing > :(

11-08-05, 18:19
Eugene could have doubled prize money to 200,000

11-08-05, 19:01
he didnt know that he could double the prize money though.

Also Anthony to win!

Thank god craig is gone ive been wanting him gone for ever!

and hi!

11-08-05, 19:16
Yeh suppose