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10-08-05, 19:32
OK, we have had numerous "whats your favourite TR game" thread over the years. No complaint, its good to re-confirm your aligience to a particular title every once in a while. Its just that we could be a little more specific about why we like those games.

As I've just said in another thread I have no favourite TR game, but there are some simply stunning locations and ideas that have been highlights of my computer gaming career. So what are yours? I am genuinely quite interesten in seeing what this turns up so get thinking!

My personal high points:

. The underwater levels in TR2 were simply brilliant. graphics are old but the idea, the escence, of those levels should be computer game legend. Praise the guy or gal who thought those up. Best bit for me was going past a portholes that looked out over a water filled cavern filled with sharks and barracuda. Sheer excellence and very origional as far as I'm aware.

. Young Lara, no specific part. Just thought it was a really nice touch to see how she was back then, all those years ago....

. Egyptian Tombs. First done in TR1 but mastered in The Last Revelation. I love that blue/gold decorative stuff.

. AOD for trying. Goddamnit they tried! Ok so they screwwed up some things but I forgive them. I have my share of complaints but I still managed to enjoy the story of AOD. I believe in its potential, even if some of the, ahem, 'debatable' charachters should be permenantly sent to the great recycle bin in the sky

. Music. Oh how I LOVE the origional score. It first touched me when I was young, watching my friend on Tomb Raider 2. I never appreciated Lara's significance back then but the music planted seeds........Years later when I started playing TR for myself I heard the music again. Its uplifting and mournful at the same time. It's as good as ANY movie theme tune, to be ranked alongside Medal of Honour and Halo for the effect it can have on you. The music is enthralling. The newer fans may not see it as clearly, but the seeds will be planted. In time they will come to the same nostalgic feelings that some of the veterans feel when they hear it now.

good times.

Legend better make the grade...

Mona Sax
10-08-05, 19:46
- Level architecture in TR 1, as realistic as it gets
- The India levels in TR III, pure TR feeling
- The Egyptian environment in TR: TLR

10-08-05, 19:57
Lost Valley - TR1
Cutscene after Thames Wharf - TR3
The grunt where lara hauls herself up onto somthing - TR2 http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif
Tomb of Ancients - AoD
Parisian Ghetto - AoD